Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Breathtaking waste from Labour council

It's almost as if Thanet council are oblivious of economic realities, not so long ago, Thanet council were sending out press releases about Council Tax benefit, it's the intention of government to start to rein in welfare benefits and concentrate on those in actual need.

Benefits are being safeguarded for pensioners, obviously for Labour this issue is important to them since they represent in this order, public sector workers, benefits claimants, big business and at the bottom of the heap, us working people.

Recently local Labour boss Cllr. Clive Hart, thought it essential that local people should be aware of the changes, why,  I'm happy just know that maybe the welfare state is being reformed and that hopefully, not to far into the future, those who now claim for anything from a dysfunctional lifestyle, ignorance of contraception, through to the full Monty of exotic pursuits  such as snorkelling holidays,  these people should do what the rest of us do, work for a living.

Still for a further taste of air head thinking from Thanet labour, and you will soon realise looking at the above advert, from this weeks Thanet Times, that for Labour public spending is never better, than when completely wasteful so long, as it's vaguely indicative of some community theme however pointless and wasteful it may be.

Thanet council wishes to thank the local community, as do |I, for supporting the Olympic torch relay, err fair enough but couldn't they have done it, without wasting money, on a half page full colour advert in the Thanet Times, don't they have a press office and a web site is there any justification giving this money away rather than fund local services, shame on Labour and the TIG.

More importantly on a personal note, I would like to thank the council and or Clive Hart for a prompt apology and explanation of  their (TDC) unreasonable behaviour, in harassing me, last week at a public meeting, of coarse such is their contempt, I can't, still you will also be pleased that while penalising local motorist with increased charges, council staff have had their parking privileges enhanced with later opening hours at Mill Lane car park. Drinks all round for our champagne Labour party, I think, even if they've yet to achieve anything, thanks Labour!                                .


  1. Tony well done once again you have "hit the nail on the head" Labour tax and spend back on the Agenda a rise in Council tax coming due to central Government!?, I don't think so could it be expensive non essential adverts, a new £90,000 post in TDC,etc etc. As for the new benefits purge, I should think some of the Labour front Bench in TDC should be looked at. Clive Harts "shower" are the very epitomy of Orwells classic and as for TIG, words fail me

  2. Another very narrow minded view towards people who are unfortunate to be unemployed written by someone in a secure well paid job.

  3. Is this the Tony who recently suggested I ignored facts, assuming your not now claiming I get this written for me,I probably earn less than the national average,only get paid on a daily rate with no guarantees of work, holiday pay, pension excreta

    A situation created by labour colleagues of yours, presumably since those that stuffed working families of Britain were similarly ignorant of real life.

    Let's face it many of your leaders were to busy when in office, fiddling expenses to worry about the damage they did to education health and the social fabric of society.

    For your information many in my job are not working during the Olympus, as is the case for construction workers.

    Thanks for proof that labour party members are clueless

    1. Sorry Tony, but if you want someone to blame for the erosion your working rights, look no further than lionized Tory Icon, M. Thatcher.
      Is your memory really that short?

    2. Or of course you could blame, Blair, Brown and those idiots in Labour, who with no consequence to themselves thought they would see what would happen if they just open our borders.

      And of course those people will not have suffered wage cuts, jobs lost to cheap migrant Labour exploited by Labours business friends, nor will their children be going to schools, in which children will be disadvantaged, pressure on health services and housing.

      Finally Yogi you could answer this one, why didn't Labour sign up to the European working time directive, for which I can only assume the answer would be that you and you airhead Labour group could care less.

    3. I personally and thousands of others, do blame Blair and Brown of the devastation they made to GB. Blair did more damage to this country than any other politician.
      Shall we ever get the lazy gits back in work or will they continue to drain our economy until we are completely at the bottom on our knees.
      What I would like to happen is people should be paid for giving information leading to an arrest and conviction by reporting those who work and are claiming benefits.
      I am p.....d off as I live in a council house and have always worked for a living, whilst 50% of my neighbours claim benefits do not pay council tax or rent, have never worked, some of them 4 generations have never worked.
      But they can afford to run a car, smoke and drink and even have holidays, why aren't these scroungers asked for proof of where their money is coming from. This must be stopped and the4se wasters must be made to clear up the streets and do something for society.

  4. And you believe yourself to be well-informed? Hmmm...

    It seems there's a "choice" locally. Big News Margate is the blog for "grumpy old men" postings based on "I'm a hard working track maintenance man in a safety-conscious industry earning a pittance while everyone else, especially those in the public sector, are overpaid wastes of space". Thanet Life is the blog for insidious muck-spreading, political spin and whispering campaigns, and the creation of demons (gays, immigrants, whoever) to scare the electorate (into voting Tory).

    Perhaps it's time for both Flaig and Moores to shut up shop. That might take some of the venom out of an increasingly dirty local political scene.

    And no, I'm not Worrow, Driver, Scobie or any other politician or political party member, before that overused allegation springs forward.

  5. One thing I just find so ignorant and narrow minded is this daily out pouring attacking anyone who receives any form of benefit.Which surprisingly enough comes from one political direction. I know there is this minority of people who are just so thick and lazy they are unemployable but there is a large majority of unemployed people who desperately need to find work and want to led a normal life and get on with their lives.
    There is this political trend that everything is the fault of of everyone else but the system itself. Take Thanet for example, during the nineties through to the global crash in 2008 there were marked improvements in all statistics pulling Thanet closer to the national average. As soon as the ripples of the global crash hit Thanet everything seems to implode and we are back to where we were back to being the worst of everything. It really does point to the fact that Thanet's economy really has no resiliance. At present the economic planning is relying on the grey pound and heritage tourism but this is not enough to sustain an island of 126,000 plus people. If all the current forecasts are to be believed things are going to get worse and they will get even worse as those who are been getting by relying on their savings find things getting tighter. In Thanet the economic situation is going to get serious not better and we could be facing levels of poverty not seen in living memory.

    1. Alarmingly, I find myself agreeing with Tony B, at least as far as the short term economic outlook is concerned. Certainly the world economic situation is beyond the scope of TDC, possibly even our government and the EU to solve in isolation, and petty party political sniping does not help.

      Having said that, any situation where someone can get more on benefits than by going to work has to be wrong and governance at all levels needs to be prudent. I am inclined to agree with Tony F that the last thing we need to see is our council spending money on yet more overpaid officers and colourful brochures when some of our residents are struggling to put food on the table.

      As for Tony B's comment about outpourings coming from one political direction, isn't that attitude in itself part of our problem. It would be far better if the best of our brains and resources were united in solving, not point scoring over, our difficulties.

    2. Spending money on local brochures for local people and printed in the local paper helps to keep local businesses and the local paper going. No doubt somebody would moan, moan, moan if the local paper was shut.

    3. no doubt many would rejoice

      only 38% of the electorate voted in the recent local elections.. the govt blatantly DO NOT HAVE THE CONSENT OF THE MAJORITY !

      it's time they were gone, booted right out of parliment never to return...nobody voted for a LIBLABCON

    4. They seek him here, they seek him there, they seek the conspiracy nutter everywhere!

    5. Which conspiracy nutter? Evelyn De Rothschild? David Rockefeller? George Soros?

    6. Tony no one is unemployable, even the lowest of intellegence can pack fruit of work on the farm or sweep the streets or deliver the local papers, there is always something they can do.
      But unfortuneately it doesn't matter what political party ins in power, they are all too afraid of upsetting people. I would like any politician to tell me why they expect the workers to be sympathetic towards the unemployed, when every week there are jobs available and still they are not taken, the unempolyed should not have the option of refusal, if there is a job they should be made to take it OR no bemefits given.
      If I hear the phrase once more "It is their Human Right to refuse" I shall scream! Is it not my human right to refuse to continue to financially support these wasters from my wages, no, workers don't seem to have any rights in the say of where their taxes are paid, is this fair?

    7. Tony check the employment situation every week and you shall see just how many jobs are available.
      This week there has been almost 400 jobs, this is including all recruitment cetres, private ads and Job centres and newspapers, advertised in Thanet.
      If they were to venture a little further to Dover ot Canterbury which is only a 20 minute journey from Thanet you would find another 600 jobs between these areas, why are they still available?
      They should make each unemplyed person sign on every day as they did a few years ago, if there was a job they were able to do they would have to take it or no money.
      I can not belive the actual amount unemployed people receive, they say I only get X amount but do not tell you they get help with rent, rates, free prescriptionsm free dentist etc etc all these put together is a large amount of money, which all of us workers have to juggle some time not able to pay for our medicine when ill. It seems the no one treats the tax payers in the way they should, if it wasn't for us this country would not exist

    8. Be careful what you wish for John Peterson and 11:31, I have a feeling that the long term unemployed shall soon be financially forced to work for a corporate/government goon squad akin to Hitler's brown-shirted SA, or Barak Obama's pervert squad, the TSA.

      If history is any guide, such types tend to revel in wielding their new found 'power'.

      Chatter seems to indicate that a serious economic crisis/collapse could be occurring in October, with world governance/world currency to be touted as the 'solution'.

    9. There isn't any poverty in Thanet or any other part of GB, it is just ignorance that cause people to use their money or materialistic things before their food and necessities. I can not understand why, when shown on TV poverty families has ash trays full of stubs, all have mobile phones and very large TV's, come on this can not be right?