Monday, February 04, 2013

Now there's a surprise Huhne confesses

Its a fact, that few of us expect our politicians, to be totally straight, during Thatchers time, and this is probably how it is today, tomorrow and forever, being "economical with the truth" became a well known technique for government.

Something that explains, how the EU for instance was allowed to develop from the "Common Market" to the all pervasive malign superstate with its French/German centered social and cultural engineering. 

Anyhow today in the face of overwhelming evidence Chris Huhne fesses up, at last, big deal! and this is what separates the crooks from the enthusiastic politicians pushing their manifestos.

Hopefully this wont result in dodgy political coverage such as, how will this effect the Liberal Democrats? type questions, God knows, every political party has had and will continue to have dodgy members.

Lets hope that Huhne does not think his public statement today lent any dignity to the actuality, the guy has been telling porkies for some considerable time, as far as I can tell, the reality of his resignation as an MP, is not really within his control anymore. 


  1. Now he has what it takes to join Thanet Conservatives

  2. Chris Huhne's year of denial followed by a confession is similar to your Sybil Thorndike-like wailing and gnashing of teeth about giving up on blogging then, oops, you're back. That's why Gale calls Lib Dems flip-flops; I did wonder.

  3. This sounds an opportunity for our Diversity fellow, as the Lib Dems seems one of the last rosettes he has yet to wear. Certainly he is well qualified, based on his track record to date

  4. People who move from Party to Party without seeking a mandate from the electorate - such as Worrow, Gregory etc - are a nuisance, I agree.

  5. The problem for the Lib Dems is that Chris Huhne was a big player in the party and his continued refusal to 'fess up' will lead to a prison sentence. The arrogance of the man was staggering and reminds me of another MP Jonathan Aitkin
    who took things even further than Huhne before falling on his sword of truth.

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    1. The last statement is libellous without evidence, something Rick has never produced, just conjecture.

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