Monday, August 11, 2014

Weather forecast heavy rain with a chance of raw sewage- Thanks Southern Water

There was a time when you could naïvely look out the window and watch a thunderstorm or rainstorm, then think yourself lucky, that you were safe indoors, however in recent times and I suspect that I am not alone in this, each time we have a heavy downpour worrying that Southern water are going to discharge untreated sewage once again onto our lovely coast line. (it's already happened twice recently May 21st and 28th July.

Given that we have all ready seen to occurrences of our shores being polluted recently I thought that I would check with Southern water and ask whether they have had to release effluent at Foreness Point this weekend given yesterdays downpour.

I don't suppose as it will come as a shock to anyone but when I rang Southern Water this morning they were unable to to confirm whether as a result of yesterday's heavy rainfall, it was necessary to pollute our seashore once again, either they didn't know or couldn't find out.

No doubt some of my more conformist readers, those who still trust in authority, such as a large public company, will think that I'm being overly picky but here is the point in 2012 it seems Southern Water were quite happy to remain quiet about leaking sewage untreated from Foreness which for days was unknown until it only became public knowledge, after members of the public spotted toilet paper floating by in the water five days after the pollution incident started,  the council closed beaches for around a week  after it became public. 

So for anyone at Southern Water is there any danger of giving public health information a priority, I've spoken to Southern Water and will let you know if they have any information on what if any procedures they have for informing the public.

I just wonder if it should be part of the local weather forcast until such time as Southern Water divert the near million pound a day stream of profits it makes to share while it struggles with it's obligation  not to pollute. Expect heavy rain and with polluted beaches for the foreseeable future.


  1. No, you're not being overtly picky for once Tony. Fully agree with your post.

    1. Good to agree with you for a change Peter

    2. The crooks have taken over, Tony, they are everywhere. The forecast is that clean water will become a valuable commodity in the not too distant future. The corporate sector are already gearing up for it and making it happen.

      Water utilities and resources, worldwide, have already been concentrated and vertically integrated into the same few corporate hands.

      The thing is, that the people and the land are one, under common law, so the resources in and on the land belong to the people and it was the sweat and labour of the people that paid for, and built the infrastructure that carries the water to where it is needed, so why the hell has it been sold off for peanuts to a profit-driven privately owned corporation, who clearly do not have the best interests of the people at heart?!

      We are not supposed to be paying for what already belongs to us. We should only be paying a nominal fee for the maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure, and costs of purification and delivery, something that is clearly not up to scratch either.

    3. A profit and salary cap and jail sentences would bring southern water to heel

  2. Well said Flaigy crap in the water and crap in the council chamber to let it happen again. What are the Duffers drinking and washing in?

  3. Tim Garbutt will sort everything out. Time for change!