Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And still no news of whereabouts!*

I accept that few take politics, democracy and freedom as seriously as my readers and I, but the lack of a response from Local Conservative leader Sandy Ezekiel is astonishing, it will be interesting to see whether Sandy Ezekiel will wrestle with his blackberry( I understand it might be broken) and reply to my email inquiry over Cllr Stephen Broadhurst.

Perhaps Sandy Ezekiel might notice the headline on the front page of this weeks Yourthanet, “Councillor must go, urge critics”, the only response from Tories, I’ve had so far, was one of his colleagues coming up with this gem in an email to me.

“I was under the impression, that no firm decision was taken yet, as to whether Cllr.Stephen Broadhurst would actually be in a position to take up full resident in Panama, but if this is the case, then I am sure Cllr.Stephen Broadhurst will informed his Conservative colleagues and members of TDC of his intention to resign when the time comes”

Well for most of us, apart from loyal Conservative colleagues, that time might have come! I said before that councillors should not be at the beck and call of residents but really living abroad makes it improbable that you can represent the electorate, so why not just resign.

* Since posting this I have received an email from Sandy Ezekiel for which I’d like to thank him, informing me that he’s in contact with Cllr Broadhurst and will keep me up to speed when he has a formal statement to make.


  1. Such old news. ECR ran this last September!

  2. Thanks Eastcliff

    I think David Green also ran it, with more finesse, but news is news Front page cheers Tom