Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Re Comment Moderation

I have decided to remove all anonymous comments on this weeks contentious issue. Not something I like to do and it may seem arbitrary but rather than act as judge and jury on how big, a bite, an anonymous contributor can take out of somebody, they oppose, I thought it would be the even handed thing to do.

Anonymous contributions will always be welcome except on issues which become personal.

Anonymity is a great thing for those who wish to express an honest opinion but if it makes you feel braver then examine your motives.


  1. Well said Tony.

    It was all getting very petty!

  2. And the rest of us, quite properly, had our eyes on the dignified events at Wootton Bassett - which should put all this nonsense in it's proper perspective.

  3. So why did you remove my comments on the Clive Hart article?? I was not anonymous? Freedom of speech gone out of the window there then!!

  4. The right to reply!

    Dear Cllr Hart

    I strongly object to your superior attitude towards me in your letter dated
    14/07/2009, that you sent to the 'Big News Margate'

    My letter was sent to all three group leaders, and you are the only one that chose to be offended.

    YOU DO have a moral responsibility to stop your members from cyber bullying. My letter would of given you the opportunity to deal with this cyber bulling issue, once and for all, yet you decided to use your reply to score political points. As a tax payer I pay your wages and I expect a little more respect.

    The June 4th election result should have been a wake up call for you; it appears that you have lost the confidence of the people of Margate and Cliftonville, and if you continue to disregard the feelings of unpaid community volunteers that write you for help, I could see you loosing your care taker position as leader of the Socialist group.

    John Worrow
    Tax payer and community volunteer

  5. Shall I try again then? I asked that as Clive Hart was making his parties stance on bullies so clear, when was Duggie Clark going to brought to account for the proven and upheld case of bullying and continued harrasement of Mrs Ezekiel, whilst he was the Mayor and she was the PA?

    Is he going to put his money where his mouth is and do something to prove he is not the empty vessel he is thought to be? It would certainly put him up a notch in mine and several others estimation if he did.

    Mrs Ezekiels complaint, taken through her union, was upheld by the Charter Trustees,but DC has never been brought to account.

    I say again Cllr Hart, what is your stand on this? A bully is a bully is a bully.

  6. He pays 'Clive's wages'? Clive like all TDC councillors gets an allowance.

    Why did he reproduce part of Clive's e-mail then if that was private and he claims his reply was private also?

    Let's move on for goodness sake and find something else far more important to get concerned about. This has got too petty for words.

    Politicians need elephant hide to withstand the 'slings and arrows' so if you haven't got that then don't go into politics at any level and leave it to the hard-nosed, thick-skinned types or you'll just get hurt again and again.

  7. Anne as far as I know there must be hundreds of thousands who share that name. so when you say your not anonymous to me you are!

    Your comments about Sandy Ezekiel as far as I can see don't hold water and just remind everyone of the sort of person he is.

    I appreciate that you might be part of that clique of Tories who while they maybe not too bright seem to float to the top.

    Why you bring up Ezekiel (twice censured for his behavior) god alone knows.

    Just in case you have learning difficulties or like me poor memory retention.

    The Standards Board of England had this to say about Sandy Ezekiel "Councillor Ezekiel had been offensive and discourteous towards the retiring mayor and another councillor"

    As far as Doug Clark is concerned "The ethical standards officer also found no evidence that Councillor Clark’s language had been unreasonable or discourteous"

    Simple really.

    I'm all for free speech.

    Why don't we all just move on.