Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time for a more democratic approach at Maidstone?

Yesterday's posting concerned Peter Gilroy's role as Chief Executive, ostensibly it was about whether Peter Gilroy had a conflicting interest, when he authorized the extension of the contract with the Ten Alps to produce another seven months of Kent TV.

But having the chance to view the discussion on KCC's website (not Kent TV and why not?), clearly there's a lot going on, firstly the decision to extend the contract itself, seems to have been handled in a particularly poor way, council officers, Peter Gilroy and Tanya Oliver were well aware of the contract period and when it would need to either be extended, put back out to tender, or canceled as one assumes councillors themselves might also have been aware, so why wasn't this matter dealt with by elected politicians.

It's clearly the case, that Kent TV itself, is a bit of a red herring, since the real point of issue appears to be democratic control. I suggest if you're interested in democracy, that you take time to examine the video from KCC's website covering the debate, listening to the councillors it's clear are concerned about democratic accountability.

Since Kent TV was first suggested, I've not thought it, necessarily the best use of council taxpayers' money, but beyond that, it's very creation appears to have come not from a political agenda, supported by County councillors but at the suggestion of council officers with some support from Cabinet members but not I suspect the majority of councilors.

As I say, I suggest you watch, this part of the meeting, because I'm sure you'll get a very strong sense, that ordinary county councillors, are worried about the democratic process being sidestepped "It's really a question of who makes the decisions." Cllr Richard King


To view the meeting please note the section to be watching starts at Index Point 02:39:55 Mrs Dean (Chair) which you will need to click on once you arrive at the web page click here

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