Thursday, July 30, 2009

What ?

Sometimes you’ve just got to get out and about, breath some fresh air, as it happens I had a few loose hours, today wandering round the Capital.

I forget, when I’ve not been in London a while, the headlines promoting the Evening Standard, sometimes their concise and sometimes plain baffling.

This one, is about Jude Laws baby, which I find mystifying, until today all I knew about him, was he was that he appeared as a somewhat ruthless killer, in perhaps is the best “Gangster” film ever “The Road to Perdition” which the more times I watch, the more I think is the equal of the Godfather.

Mrs Me informs me that this was big news on GM TV, why, what’s the mystery? does he not know the mother of the baby, has she disappeared, even Mrs Me does not know the answer, should I care I’m not sure.

Still a mystery mother, I suppose is a rarer occurrence than a mystery father of whom I’m sure there are many, I should have bought the paper.

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