Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Public Service Utopia – The reason I signed up to the TAXPAYERS ALLIANCE

I would like to think its only in Kent and Thanet, where incompetent and idiot bureaucrats, thrive but probably not, how about this little snippet from the Thanet Times “Council rubbish truck uninsured” which presumably either the editor Rebecca Smith has playfully tossed aside and buried on page 7 as boring and nothing out of the usual, or maybe she is pals with the Thanet District Council top knobs and didn’t wish to draw to much attention to TDC’s bright sparks having 2 vehicles driving around the district uninsured, whilst insuring 28 vehicles apparently not in its possession probably costing us many thousands, particularly as were told they’ve now saved £400,000 since December 2008 in six months, Crikey!

Last week thoroughly hacked off with greedy Kent Tories who shamelessly helped themselves to an additional 8% of taxpayers money, I decided it was time to join the Taxpayer Alliance. I actually contacted them, since noting that BBC Radio Kent, does not report on the democratic process, I thought the Taxpayers Alliance might give Paul Carter and his cronies, some publicity which they have on their website “Councils in the trough” posted by Tim Aker, who from my brief conversations strikes me, as have more public service ethos than a room full of your average council “officers”.

I feel enslaved by an over protected seemingly all-powerful clique of self perpetuation public sector workers, who’s main aim is to look after themselves and their colleagues, there is probably little that can be done, to change the status-quo but at least signing up to join the Taxpayer Alliance makes me feel I’m not alone.

For some sketchy detail, of TDC’s insurance cock up, please click here* to get some idea, unfortunately as is the way of council papers & agenda, you don’t get the flavour of the moment, or detail, of when it was realised that TDC were allowing vehicles on the road uninsured (something I understand is a criminal offence if carried out by you or I).

Still if you happen to be a public spirited TDC employee do spill the beans but don’t mention any names since the person responsible will only get promoted and your colleagues will close ranks and ostracise you.

Public service workers live in a protected utopia, paid for by ordinary people like me who don’t have a secure job, annual pay increases, fat pensions or even free car parking in Margate’s main car park, but maybe the by joining the Taxpayer Alliance you could make them feel a little less comfortable like ordinary people.

* you need to start reading at the bottom of page 134


  1. most depressing part about it is you and i will have to pay for these useless people in their retirement too! Whilst those in the private sector arent cushioned from the effects of the recession and in some cases have had existing final salary promises reneged those in the state sector can have extra holidays, ample time off sick, job security and annual payrises etc and then the luxury of a retirement in riches!

  2. And lets not forget the money they have wasted on Manston Airport !!!!!

  3. Makes one wonder how they managed to get road tax for them, perhaps different rules apply to them.

    Oh and thanks for putting the page number up Tony I started reading the document but got bored and gave up then read the rest of your post which was much more entertaining.

  4. Good point Michael bet vehicles werent taxed or moted either - can you imagine!

  5. A big example here

    Was a TDC Head of Dept an alleged member of the 6th Thanet Range given £50,000 severance and an early retirement package of £25,000 per year ?

    Was the TDC Planning officer, who should have liaised with rural beat officer Pc Eley, also given a severance package and exempted from inquiries in respect of a complaint to the Standards Cttee.

    Didn't the Standards Cttee sit whilst the complaint file was withheld from their knowledge by Cllr Neville Hudson ?

    Wasn't one of the first actions of new Chief Exec TDC to report the history to Police (perhaps under mandatory reporting Common Law) ? So he would have a record of having reported but presumably safe in the knowledge that Police (public sector turkeys not wanting to vote for Christmas) would do nothing about it.

    We are paying for the opublic sector total lack of a sense of duty. Not just in money but in the creeping destruction of our constitution.

  6. What has incensed me is the apparent lack of funds for Young Carers. This was disbanded earlier this year as no money available. This group took young carers on various outings as respite from their responsibilities and to give them some fun.
    However money was available to pay for rises. Funny that!

  7. nothing surprises us about TDC am being told tales all the time about different incompetences that TDC get up to - i wouldnt mind if it wasn't our money they are squandering!

  8. The Youbg Carers issues are related to KCC Funding, and if the anonymous blogger would care to get in touch with me I will see what can be done.