Monday, July 20, 2009

Email to Sandy Ezekiel

Apologies for the graphics, I’ve had a long weekend.broadhurst

Just to update you, on my quest for information, concerning Cllr Stephen Broadhurst, at the point of writing I’ve not seen, any evidence that he is seeking to continue to represent residents of Margate’s Dane Valley ward on Thanet District council. see earlier posting.

I have sent Cllr Sandy Ezekiel, Thanet’s Conservative leader an email details below and copied these to his colleagues.

As far as I’m aware Cllr Stephen Broadhurst resides in Panama and I cannot see how he can represent constituents from 5000 miles away the situation seems unjust and indefensible. (I include the graphic so that conservative members can have some clue of just how remote Panama is from Thanet).

our leader

Copy of email text sent (today) to TDC Leader with copies emailed to all his fellow members

Dear Cllr. Sandy Ezekiel Leader Thanet District council

Last year there was some concern, expressed by local residents, regarding the apparent fact that your colleague and fellow Conservative member Cllr Stephen Broadhurst, had moved to Panama to live and work.

I think at that at the time, it was suggested that he going on business trips, which of coarse would not be unreasonable but looking at his attendance record at TDC, its evident that he is not often in Thanet.

If his circumstances have changed and he no longer resides in Thanet or indeed the U.K., in the sense that he spends most of his time living and working ,elsewhere such as in Panama, maybe you could suggest that he resigns from the council, to allow someone else the privilegeof representing the electorate of Dane Valley.

Perhaps you could ask Richard Samuel to help you, look into the legality of this situation as a matter of some urgency.
No reasonable person would expect a councillor to be slavishly at the beck and call of the electorate but having a councillor based in Panama assuming that is correct, appears to me and I suspect to you and your colleagues as an untenable situation.

Please note I have copied this to your colleagues and will shortly publish this to my website as democracy is best observed in public.

Regards tony flaig Bignew Margate


  1. Odd that he has not been to any meetings maybe he has got Harry Potters invisability cloak and has been busy at our wonts and it has gone un noticed due to afore mentioned etc etc.......... what aam I piffleing on about its FRAUD pure and simple he cant claim to be a coucillor and be in Panama or anywhere else Mr Worrowfull would be better wasting his investigation on this rather than the tittle tattle he has chosen to persue

  2. well said i agree with your comments 100% but do you not agree that the majority of councillors are frauds as they do not seem to care one iota about what the electorate want only at the time of local elections

    Have you got it yet.