Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Sun Shines for Thanet Pride

Despite the dismal forecast, not unusually the weather was better than expected and probably better than the rest of Kent.

The event seems bigger than last year, and looked busier than last, Buck Fizz were much appreciated and the entertainment was of high standard.

As I mentioned before, events like these are far better for Margate businesses, than the Big Event and I imagine a lot cheaper.

Its suggested that the big event, cost well over £100,000 not that we’ll be told, for my money, the council ought to seek out, similar events and bung in ten grand or so to organisers.


  1. I enjoyed my hour or so on Margate sea front - so did the coachloads of ethnic visitors from the Metropolis even though they might have wondered exactly what was going on in Margate yesterday. Most people seemed to be enjoying themselves but oh! dear why do so many people wear things to show off their worst bits? (and I'm not talking about those dressed up for Thanet Pride)

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  3. Wha...?

    Anyway, I couldn't agree more that this event knocked the spots off Big Pollution Event.

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