Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bignews Margate free for all

You'll be pleased to know that comment moderation is off, frankly I get a little tired when contributors overstepped the bounds of what is reasonable, that said I get even more tired when I have to act as arbiter, on what is true honest decent etc.

Frankly as I said before politics is a dirty game, few politicians are gentleman and that's how it's always been.

Anyhow I suggest that readers, take comments made on this website with a pinch of salt and then some, I would particularly suggest that comments made anonymously should be given considerably less credence than those made by traceable contributors such as those who actually give their name and or have a logged in to their Google account etc. before making their comments.

I had a particular complaint from someone calling themselves Anne who didn't appear to be logged into any open ID account click here for details, since Anne seemed so excitable, I thought what the hell and pressed publish what appears to be a questionable opinion.

To some extent I feel that I may have been manipulated, over the last few days, so don't allow yourself into the same situation, do what I normally do which is question what I’m being told.

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