Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dumpton Park Village Green

I’d like to thank the residents of Dumpton Park Road for putting on a first rate event on their village green, part fete and part protest.

The protests stems from the way in which, the planning department of Thanet District Council, have handled matters concerning a parcel of land in Dumpton Park Road details of which are available on the excellent Thanet Strife site.

Notably in what appears the most outrageous lunacy yet from TDC has been the issue of council officers, applying for planning permission on land they don’t own(TDC), and then advising councillors they had better pass the application to prevent legal cost should the applicant (THEMSELVES) appeal against their own decision.

Effectively one presumes that the planning department are quite serious in suggesting that they would act against the democratic wishes of elected councillors.

This being the case I suggest that the Leader of the council Sandy Ezekiel, might just ask Richard Samuel, the chief executive to come and explain to him what the hell’s going on.

Again I’d like to thank the residents for arranging a thoroughly civilised event, in attendance were various ward councillors, Stephen Ladyman MP made a very reasonable speech.fete 2

I wish them luck with their attempt to have land in question given village green status.

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  1. Minor point, Tony, but you were actually in Dumpton Park Drive this afternoon.

    I agree with your comments. It was a friendly, well-organised event with lots of locals there showing their support (minus one who appeared to be a one-woman and dog anti-campaign).

    Good to see so many councillors there adding their support.