Saturday, July 25, 2009

A suggestion for the weekend

The sun looks likely to shine on Gods own seaside resort, so make the most of it and head for Margate.windy 1

In addition to the Jazz Fest may I suggest you take a gander at the Tudor House open this weekend (see here thanks Margate Architecture) , also Drapers Mill Windmill I believe will be open on Sunday 2pm till 4.walk1

Another suggestion would be for those who fancy a walk would be to use St. Peters Footpath which has been tidied up since I last travelled down it a year back, and its currently not necessary to take a machete with you either. Also its part of the Turner & Dickens Walk, still I took my bike.walk2


  1. Yes, good to see that they've finally cleared up & tarmaced that little stretch of path near the footbridge. I agree that it's a great route to walk or cycle though!

  2. Havent done that walk since my daughters were at junior school 25 years ago