Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Out of Site/sight out of mind

I thought I’d take a wander down to the front and see how work was progressing on the Turner Contemporary.

It appears that some concrete bits are already protruding from the ground and everyone’s looking busy.dangergate

Still being the slightly negative sort of busy body that I am a couple of things caught my eye one was the sign on the gate warning of Danger and Deep Excavations, good to see, pity though, it happened to be attached to a gate that was wide open. I’ve since rung the contractor pointing out the risk.opengatedanger

Not having offspring of school age I’m taking a guess that if kids haven’t been liberated for the summer, they soon will be, and signs indicating danger, may well deter some teenagers from going where they shouldn’t but not always, apart from building sites, our coastline and railways are also big danger for kids.

On a less important matter I noticed that along the sea wall in front of the construction site, that litter bins were overflowing still I suppose its only Tuesday. Yes I rang the council, as per usual the phone is answered immediately by some hyper-efficient robot (just to punish you for ringing, “we’re terribly busy blah blah blah), looks like they have a new toy, they now rack up your phone bill for an additional minute offering you the opportunity to give feedback on your call.literandcrap

I opted to have the call back, to give my feedback. As you can imagine, the feedback call is every bit as irritating as you might expect, the one bit of blimin feedback I wanted, was to ask them, why, answer calls with a bloody robot to tell the caller, you can’t answer the call, just don’t answer it then I can wait the extra ten seconds it generally takes to answer the call.

Wonder if they cleaned up the bins?

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