Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's good to see that the Thanet Pride, will once again be entertaining visitors and locals, taking place on Marine Drive, Margate, this Saturday in addition to funding from Thanet District Council, it's pleasing to see that the lottery fund, have given a grant of £6000 to the organisers. And it's nice to know that once in awhile lottery money turns up here in the Isle Of Thanet, rather than just going to expensive and hideous art projects. Pride stage

Just looking at the acts appearing it seems that the organisers have secured quality entertainment including eurovision stars Bucks Fizz, this event improves every year, and will probably bring more money into Margate than say the big event which is staged in the commercial wilderness of palm bay cliffs.

Hopefully visitors to the area will be taking the opportunity to squander vast amounts of cash in the hotel's pubs cafes restaurants shops and galleries in the vicinity, Margate needs more events like this which actually draw people into the town centre, perhaps Margate regeneration industry can help attract more events like this to improve visitor numbers.

Any how for more details click here for the Thanet Pride website.


  1. The Three Degrees are at The Winter Gardens tomorrow night as part of the Thanet Pride celebrations:

    (I was looking forward to seeing both this & The Kooks tonight but I'm currently off work recovering from the dreaded swine flu!).

  2. Oh my goodness, oh how funny.

    I assumed it was a east kent chavtastic version of Gay Pride, due to the name, the colours and the erm well the general idea of it.

    It says quite a lot about the ignorance of a council and the backwardsness of an area when something like this could be set up without the organisers realising that it could so very easily be mistaken for the highly entertaining Gay Pride even in London.

    Don't get me wrong, I've nothing against gays. The problem is that you could easily get thousands of excited, e'd up, expressive urban sophisticates rushing to Margate from civilisation, only to be horrified to find that, rather than loads of other gays to erm party with, they will be met by the violent homophobia of scummy local thugs with tattoos on their necks, food on their chins and piss stained leisure wear.

    And that's just the leadership of the council.

  3. Haha no Tony, it's not that bad! But like most reasonably fit people that are no longer in the first flush of youth my symptoms were relatively mild (mainly just severe exhaustion & tiredness).

  4. KOT

    East Kent is not blimin Essex, so your chavetastic suggestions are way off the beam. Thanet is a community of sophisticates, who elect to live away from towns like London and all the superficial & trivial diversions.

    The event itself is all fairly inclusive so what's problem.

  5. Last years event was well run and very popular, good luck! for this Saturday and thank you to the organisers.

  6. well said Tony-and the last comment.
    KOT this event has run now without any trouble-so why don't you get your facts straight(no pun intended)
    lets hope the sun shines the cafe's restaurants and gallerys in the old town do well and we all have a good time

  7. anyone know what time bucks fizz are on? to website down!