Thursday, July 30, 2009

Whatever happened to

The Gallery on the Square, now before we go any further, that’s not some oblique reference to freemasons, although I’m sure some of my readers, like to relax in the company of friends by wearing a pinny and exchanging funny handshakes.

No I refer, to what used to be the entrance of Margate Library, before Kent Tories agreed to “brand” an oasis of relaxation, education and enlightenment (the Library) in to a hideous “Gateway” KCC’s multi agency, pigs breakfast contact point combining the all the ambience of a post office and or jobcentre.

Excuse the digression, anyhow when the Library was “improved” and entrance which used to contain an impressive oil painting (now disappeared), turned in to a separate room or Gallery, initially, there was a exhibition of photo’s from a council competition but I note that the room now appears deserted and unused.

This is no surprise to me, since to enter the “gallery” meant passing by council “officers” and residents discussing, personal matters, this gallery is of course no substitute for the area previously available in the Library showing local art etc upstairs in the library, still having once visited the new gallery, I found it intrusive as I’m sure others did, so maybe the council could make this room available, to those who don’t wish to discuss all their business in public, bit like freemasons really who unsportingly prefer to do business behind closed doors.


  1. Not currently but I expect the invite any day now.

  2. I have several close friends who are Freemasons, but it doesn't appeal to me at all. They do a lot of good though, raising a small fortune for some very worthwhile charities.

  3. I'm not surprised it's deserted. I didn't even know there was a gallery! How could you know? There are no signs to anything in Gateway. When you go in there you haven't the faintest where to go for what.
    The entrance there used to be murder when the juvenile court was in session and now it is become even more of a ghetto area. Garbage and fag ends everywhere. Now that no one goes near it except for the court, it is even worse. No self respecting aartist would want their work hanging in there. What idiots thought all this up?

  4. Peter they should do a lot for charity as many of the members seek to gain advantage in business by circumnavigating normal competitive business practice.

    Obviously not all are "at it" but I've had known a few who have admitted that personal advantage is the aim.

    Why join a secret society if your not going to take advantage of doing business behind closed doors its that simple.

    Number one rule look after your mates before the rest, hardly helpful in supporting an equal society.

    Probably the majority are honest but don't kid yourself, you don't need many to manipulate the sort of loyalty freemasons encourage.

    Still when freemasons have open membership, identify themselves and declare an interest in business I'll think more positively.

    I suggest you pour yourself a coffee and inhale Peter, and finally if walks like a dog barks like a dog it probably is.

  5. Tony, I'm just pointing out that it's not all bad for "outsiders" like ourselves, but I'm not disputing most of what you're saying. Most of the friends I know who's in it have joined primarily to further their own business interests (for instance a plumber I know of joined because he'll get more work via other members), but is this really any different from people looking out for their mates that belong to a working men's club or any other similar clubs / societies???

    I really don't think it's all quite as sinister as you believe.

    A while back a couple of Freemasons were clearly (judging by our conversations) checking if I was a suitable candidate & I'm sure I could become one if I wanted to, but any society that excludes women is of absolutely no interest to me!

    I'd be interested to read comments from Freemasons on here.

  6. Peter we get enough ANON comments now dont ask for more

  7. Talk about avoiding the issue.