Thursday, July 09, 2009

Tory Sleeze ?- Cameron in Communications error?

Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson, according to the Guardian was editor at a time, when staff on the paper, were involved in illegally intercepting phone messages of some 3,000 politicians and celebrities according to the Guardian Newspaper.

David Cameron has taken the brave if stupid move to confirm that Mr Coulson’s job as communications director is safe “Yes of course” says Cameron.

Of course its rare, that politicians think before speaking but perhaps one of Mr Cameron’s colleagues could have just pondered on this, what sort of Editor or even communications director, wouldn’t know what his staff were working on.

Surely as Editor of NOTW, you might expect Mr Coulson to ask colleagues “got anything for this weeks paper?”, you’d think a reply “I’m just going through phone intercepts of 3000 top knobs” might just ring a bell.

Cameron’s loyalty might well go down well with a few traditional gin swilling Tory boys but mainstream opinion wont be so generous.

Maybe Cameron has arrange for Mr Coulson to take a break or resign later in the day, and maybe he’ll be calling for an inquiry into more corruption in the Metropolitan Police.

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  1. All this happened well before Cameron asked Coulson to work for the Conservatives. Wouldnt call it brave. Coulson hasnt been found guilty of anything and I suspect Camerons already had the "anything to decalre" chat some time ago...