Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Assuming we live in a democracy

I’m rather concerned about this remark from the minutes of Kent TV Board of governors which concerns Trudy Dean opposition leader of Kent Council “A discussion was had by the board regarding the tone and accuracy of a press release by Trudy Dean which had called for the scrapping of Kent TV. Bill Feeley thought that the Board (non KCC staff) should reply to Trudy’s press release.”

Now I know that Trudy Dean is the elected leader of Liberal Democrats but no disrespect intended, I’m not to sure who Bill Feeley is, since he is not listed on the Board of Governors list.kent tv board 30june

This issue was pointed out by a contributor in an earlier post, who asks “how can some members of the board write to Trudy Dean (now leader of KCC opposition) just because she critises Kent TV. Surely the board collectively has to do this? Since you have communications maybe T. Oliver can explain this to you Tony.”

As far as I can tell the Board of Kent TV is made up entirely of appointees and indeed self appointees, does it sound right that such a group, unelected to a public funded board, should seek to discuss the tone of press release by one of our elected representative or perhaps write and correct them?

In fairness, I myself as regulars know, am a bit sensitised to what goes on at Kent TV, due entirely to KCC’s response to my earlier and continuing concerns.

Chew over Kent TV minutes click here


  1. Where on earth did you find such a rubbish picture of a TV.

    Is this a reflection of the qualit of Kent TV.

  2. Its a 9 inch Pye very popular for the coronation in 1953. Does it still work Tony?

    On a more serious note I see that you have the attention of the Kent TV boss on your previous post. Maybe he can tell you why the meeting went off piste.

  3. At least Bill turned up!
    a bit of reveals :-

    Charlie Hendry returns as Chief Fire Officer of Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) next month after a highly successful year as President of the Chief Fire Officers’ Association.

    During his year-long secondment, Deputy Chief Fire Officer Bill Feeley has held the reins of KFRS and he is now set to take up the interim post of Chief Fire Officer at Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service.

    At least KFRS thinks its worth attending unlike the Police and the reps from Kent's PCT's.