Friday, July 10, 2009

Front Page Disgrace see the inside story

I wonder if anyone else gets the irony, Page 1 Former PE master jailed for running a brothel, turn to the back pages and look under Adult Services and crikey! look what their advertising, “massage services” yes that’s right, complimentary medicine, if I’m not mistaken, somewhere to relieve those stresses and strains of modern life.

I know that some cynics would assume massage services meant something else like prostitution but then the Isle of Thanet Gazette, is ultimately part of the group that publishes the Daily Mail (DMGT), and I’m sure they wouldn’t be involved in the sex industry.

Britain is rife with hypocrisy, and this might well be case, as we all know, the sex trade exists but rather than regulate the industry, its criminalised, which in turn fosters other crime like drugs and people trafficking.

I understand that the couple involved in the running of this brothel, were caught as a result of the police investigating people trafficking, although the judge accepted that they were not involved with trafficking, underage girls, coercion or corruption.

Interestingly the Gazette fails to the mention running costs for the brothel which were £780 with £1,400 on advertising, KentOnline clearly are not as squeamish in their report, I suppose the Gazette have their reasons although I understand that advertising policy is separate from the editorial side of things.

Judge Adele Williams is quoted in the Gazette "You and your wife controlled these prostitutes. You placed advertisements in papers and rotas were organised.

"This was organised prostitution which is a criminal offence. I accept that there is no evidence of coercion or corruption and there were no illegal immigrants or underage girls, but you did this for money.

For the Gazettes story click here alternatively buy a copy and support local journalists.


  1. Tony, where is you e-mail address? I have had in the past a very close encounter with a brothel keeper but I don't wish to advertise my source! as he is a very good friend. and brother to the former! he is on my facebook. I maybe told you about her in the past? but a realy lovely family.

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