Tuesday, July 14, 2009


As you will realise a man of my calibre, is frequently looking for new opportunities and often glance, through the appointments section of the Sunday Times , sadly there is little on offer, to a man of my limited talents but my eye caught this ad a couple of Sundays back.

policewagginthe dog

“Chief Exec £115K-£130K” the ad on behalf of the Association of Police Authorities, claims that “We give local people a voice in policing”, now you might be forgiven for thinking that your MP, local councillor or even your vote, would act as your voice clearly not, since the Quango, the Association of Police Authorities, seems to think it should be politicking and at your expense, the taxpayer.

The claim that the association of Police Authorities “give local people a voice” seems completely bogus if not fraudulent to me, since when did they actually have any dialogue with you or I, probably never!

As far as I’m concerned the Association should be following orders from the elected government, not creating its own policy.

A clear example of the tail wagging the dog, why don’t the police concentrate on crime and leave politics to the professionals.

This is one of those reasons I joined the Taxpayers Alliance.

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