Monday, July 27, 2009

“a public duty to be both courteous and responsible”

A quote and a belief I understand from Simon Moores as to values that councillors should share and the latest defence of Thanet councils attempt to curb free expression of elected representatives, (this is a reference to a proposed blogging policy understood to be work in Progress (for Simon Moores Benefit)).

No doubt these are values that everyone should aspire to, that said I’m sure that Simon Moores adheres to these, still there are other considerations, assuming my memory is accurate, didn’t he recently back Cllr Jo Gideon in a leadership contest against the incumbent Cllr Sandy Ezekiel, then the following day accept her cabinet post from the man he opposed.

I’m sure that he showed all the due respect and polite manners in accepting Cllr Ezekiel’s offer to sit at the top table and no doubt was acting responsibly in filling the vacancy. I’m sure he would measure up as well as his colleagues on all those other idealistic values, we like to think our politicians ought to possess.

The simple truth is that politicians if anything are mostly honest, mostly decent and always human.

If the council continue to pursue a blogging policy in addition to the already controversial “Standards Board” nonsense, they will in doing so, I feel bring Thanet Council in to disrepute.

I myself resisted the temptation to report one of Sandy’s colleagues who told me that all bloggers were “perverts”, clearly the councillor was “barking” but so what, it takes all sorts to make a council.


  1. "the latest defence of Thanet councils attempt to curb free expression of elected representatives"

    Tony, I repeat once again, this does NOT exist!!

    It is an illusion, a figment of your imagination so please give it a rest!

  2. AS DR M says TDC has not established a written protocol. It must have realised that such a document would make it a laughing stock and put it outside human rights law. However The council and any councilors that took part in any discussion regarding a protocol have only themselves to blame for the right mess they have created for themselves. Its called putting your foot in it.

    I have no doubt that such discussions took place. DR Moores himself verified this when he wrote on another blog on the 14 July:

    "Let's be clear Mark. The Blogs protocol discussion comes from the Cheif Executive at TDC and is not some kind of conspiracy to "Close Down" Labour Blogs."

    Whether he took part is for him to live with.

  3. Firstly I've clarified what ie TDC's proposed blogging policy

    Secondly I quote you "The discussion on a Blogs protocol is not 'political' and comes from the Chief Executive at TDC. It is not, as Cllr Nottingham argues, some kind of conspiracy to "Close Down" Labour Blogs."

    Thirdly yourself again I believe "Having discussed this with the council's monitoring officer"

    I too have discussed this with TDC and understand the subject is under discussion so, whats your point?

    Clearly you seem to share my figment of imagination as does it seems Thom Morris of the Gazette see page 7 last weeks Gazette, also I believe, a large number of your colleagues on both sides.

    As you know I feel that the Standards Board is an attack on democracy, still we're all entitled to our own opinion and as every I value yours but don't agree.

    I'll give it a rest when and if I'm ever convinced that democracy is not under attack each and every day albeit from benign well meaning and compliant politicians and public sector jobsworths who dont understand when free will is being stifled by regulation.

  4. Crikey 12:25 a bit more to the point and I see we both use a similar quote!

  5. Here's a wild thought for you Tony.. maybe Thom Morris in true Gazette-style, embellished his story somewhat, even though I made every effort to explain to him what I am attempring to explain to you!

    Does any here actually know what a protocol is?

    Once more and I repeat, an informal discussion has occurred, which has now extended to both main parties, over, and I quote my own words: "conducting our differences in public with a proper level of intelligent debate, argument and comment wherever possible."

    There's nothing sinister here, no attempt at censorship, no document, just common sense and courtesy among your local councillors!

  6. It just the thing private eye would pick up on. What about your contact ECR?. How can a council and councilors that took part, whatever their party, be so arogant to think that they show have the right to suppress views on blogs above the normal UKpublishing laws. TDC must be worried about their image. Its very simple for TDC, be a bit more open with the people that pay them and they will have less to worry about.

  7. Another patronising comment from Dr. Moores who seems to think he's the only person on a blog with an education. Of course, I and many others know what a 'protocol' is.

    We're not all stupid and some of us do have higher educational qualifications at least as good as his.

    So, Thom Morris got it wrong? Can we expect a letter in the Gazette to that effect?

  8. I bet you didn't buy yours 04.51 ;)

  9. Actually,anon., I did buy it but mainly to find out more about the HOOT campaign that is still trying to stop the tennis courts being developed.