Thursday, July 23, 2009

“Duckers and Divers” Live Performance tonight

Not to be confused with Thanet’s other event on the 21st – 23 August a festival of Burlesque etc (isn’t that American) Dippers and Dunkers, costing the local taxpayer 30 grand.

No tonight’s entertainment is provided by Thanet Council’s regular ensemble of performers at the Council Chamber, masquerading under the title “Council meeting”.

The highlight for tonight is expected to be, a trick in which the agenda is made to disappear behind closed doors.

And if your thinking this is some cheapskate production, think again, these performers are together raking in £240,000 plus bonuses.

Click here for the programme


  1. I think Burlesque as a term evolved in France or Italy. Basically a more middle class music hall. Anyway, the Dippers and Dunkers should be great. Professor Vanessa Toulmin is behind it and never puts on anything half-baked. Miss Behave is a great act/host as well. She did a huge run at the Roundhouse last year.

  2. Tony, almost fell off chair laughing. Nice post!

  3. Ian Well I shall look forward to the real thing in August.

    To Be Honest Bertie this was an obvious one,and pretty much an afterthought but having posted another dull KCC post I had to lighten the mood and I'm shocked eastcliff hadn't thought of it I reckon he's slippin.

  4. He seems to be fishing in Ramsgate Harbour at the moment!

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