Friday, July 03, 2009

IN MY VIEW – MP’S still don’t get it do they?

Just why do our MP’s and I think this covers both Thanet North and South MP’s carry on with the justification of expenses, I believe both Gale and Ladyman have in the past claimed food as an expense, Steve Ladyman who can’t seem to walk away from the subject, this week tells us about his 60-70 hour weeks, as some sort of mitigation in his Thanet Extra column and Roger Gale isyeah yeah quoted by as saying this. "If my constituents believe that I have been either excessive or improper in my use of what we consistently recognise is their money then they will no doubt tell me so in the usual manner."

Both these gents get a salary in excess of £60,000 admittedly its considerably less than many less talented Muppets, who litter the public sector, but even so why should we pay their flippin food bills, what do they think, a salary is for.

Most MP's must see the public as mean spirited B*******s however sometimes working similar long hours to Ladyman, except with tools like hammers, shovels, Kangos and out in the wind, rain, cold, heat and no second home etc., I can empathise since employers I've worked for don't feel the should feed, me since they pay a wage to which we've agreed. Tough concept for an MP, but here's my advice if you can't live on 60 grand get another job.


  1. May I assume then tony you would have been a signatory to my 10 Downing Street email petition if the site had accepted it ?

    That Prince Charles sentiments be appeased in the development of the Chelsea Barracks site. The site should be built as a nostalgic example of an old Army camp as in the TV series "Bad lads Army"

    In this case the bad lads and lasses, in need of Army NCO guidance from dawn to dusk, would be MPS. The barracks could be free accommodation for them and volunteer ex NCOs could be responsible for their discipline.

    I cannot think why they refused to put my petition up for public approbation.

  2. The village of Birchington is to stage its own salute to the King of Pop.
    The Michael Jackson Tribute competition will be held at the King Ethelbert School at the end of the month.

    But auditions will be held soon in preparation of the event. Comperes John Worrow, a parish councillor, and Ralph Hoult, entertainments manager at Ramsgate’s Granville Theatre, will host the show. To audition for a spot at the July 31 event potential performers need to decide on which of four categories they want to apply for.

    They are: the young Michael, the older Michael, The Jackson Five group and the Michael non lookalike (music tribute category). To get involved call Cllr John Worrow on 07847303256 or Julie Francis on 01843 841796.

    Cllr Worrow said: “We expect this to be a fun event for all the family.” The Birchington Village Partnership are staging the show.

    The winners of the tribute competition will get to perform at Birchington Village Partnership's Outdoor Event at Minnis Bay on Sunday, September 20 and the Starlite Entertainers dance act will also entertain.

  3. Tony, I agree with much of what you say, but don't you think that the royal family (some of which do no real work) should also use our money to do whatever they want with? Personally I think they should at least be forced to declare exactly what they spend it on, just as MPs should.