Friday, July 24, 2009

Local planning leads to parking anarchy?

It seems these days, unless you happen to be one of the local elite (that is council employees) your chances of finding somewhere to park in Margate are somewhat limited.

I recently mentioned how people were parking in the marketplace in the old Margate Town, and I notice now that drivers are parking anywhere there happens to be a space, whether it's a double yellow lines or pavement.

Looking up from the back of the Winter Gardens I was just wondering whether it would be possible for an emergency vehicle to negotiate the road, when by coincidence a fire engine drove down to collect colleagues who I assume had been inspecting the building. breathin

Admittedly the vehicle passed with relative ease however impart I suspect that's down to the driver's skill and not considerate motorists.

I can only assume that Margate's parking anarchy results from a lack of strategic planning by TDC who seem willing to bend over backwards to assist property developers are without the considering the consequences.


  1. If they are bending over backwards to help developers then they are not doing very well. By being even more restrictive they would do even less well.

    Your "emergency vehicles" point makes you sound like a council official Tony. If a fire engine wants to get through it will get through.

  2. I'm so glad you have posted this. It has been getting my goat for ages.
    I contacted Kent Highways about the parking on the slip road down to Winter Gardens and they told me there was nothing they could do as it is PRIVATE land! TDC owned presumably. Therefore PUBLIC land I would have thought, unless Leisureforce own it privately. Why are there yellow lines then I said. Silence was deafening.

    The Market Square sutuation is much the same but in reverse. TDC say KCC must enforce the regulations there and were on notice to do so. Apparently they haven't. That was about 6 months ago at least.
    The parking in front of the shelter is a TDC matter according to local plod.
    It is anarchy.

  3. Not enough parking spaces is one way of putting it; too many cars is another...

  4. Saw some poor lorry driver trying to get a bloody great trailer with tractor on baord down the slip road at Fort Hill this morning. Didn't fancy his chances much. Hope they complain.