Friday, July 10, 2009

What’s occurring this weekend

I see a stage has been set up on the parade opposite Margate harbour, not sure what its about? has the Margate town partnership web address but am none the wiser. Its not big sky, Thanet Pride or the quad bikes?

Still what I do know is that the big event this weekend will be the “Village Fete” in Dumpton this weekend.

dumpton park drive

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good people do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

Thanet District Council is attempting to give itself planning permission for a 4-bedroom house upon land for which it holds no freehold title. Despite 18 months of evidenced, legal argument against it, the planning department pursues its course despite being forced to temporarily withdraw it at a full Council meeting on 23 April. For the full story so far, visit and read ‘The Extraordinary Conduct of TDC in Dumpton Park Drive’ parts 1 – 4.

If you’ve ever said to yourself things like, “How do they get away with it? … What can you do? … Something should be done“ about whatever story of injustice you’ve read or heard, here’s a chance to help support people who decided to pay attention to Edmund Burke’s words.

Come and join us on Saturday 11th July from 2.00pm.

Along with many thousands of pounds spent in legal advice against TDC, your neighbours have applied to KCC to have the ‘open land’ between 132 & 134 Dumpton Park Drive, Broadstairs given ‘Village Green’ status. This area, which TDC does not own, has been taken for granted as a pleasant green space and a community asset and focal point in this stretch of Dumpton Park Drive for over 40 years. TDC does not own it therefore it cannot sell it, why then is it attempting to grant planning permission to itself? We invite you to show solidarity with your neighbours and join them in free refreshments. Let’s show we’re a community rather than just the providers of cash for the Council to run itself to its own agenda. Dr Steve Ladyman MP for South Thanet will be making a speech and our Ward Councillors will be in attendance.

We look forward to meeting you and enjoying our summer garden party.

If you require any further information, please contact 603368.

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  1. Hope it all goes well and the rain we have at the moment stays away for your event