Sunday, July 05, 2009

Big Turnout for Race for Life @ Palm Bay

Have just dropped off Mrs Me who has been badgering me all week for sponsorship for the three mile (5KM) run taking place this morning @ 11:00.

Heard over the tannoy that they hope to raise well in excess of hundred thousand pounds for Cancer Research, well done.

At ten this morning it looked like a big turnout since clearly many of the participants were still arriving.

Good luck to all concerned particularly the two ladies whom I nearly ran over as I reversed the car out of the drive.

And just a quick reminder to all those who’ve sponsored somebody to day, make sure you pay up, a message I’m sure Mrs Me will convey to myself.

Race for Life Website

UPDATE Mrs Me has now completed the Race for Life and in an unusually philosophical comment said “Everybody knows someone who’s had Cancer”

Well done to Mrs Me and all the others who took part.andthewinneris


  1. It was the best race for life I have done. This was the third, the other two being at Quex Park which was a terrible surface. There was a huge attendance all there for the one reason, to raise money for Cancer Charity. This year two of my daughters and I walked it, as we had the dog with us.....who did us proud! He was given a medal!! Brilliant occasion for us all to show we care.

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  3. Shame a lot of the money goes on animal experimentation.

  4. Thanks Linda and your daughters for helping raise money for this brilliant cause.

    I think we can all be proud of the effort put in by so many this last weekend.

    Anon 9:49 such a glib point and so ignorant and lacking in humanity

  5. Yes, well done indeed everyone. I know at least a dozen women who did this, women of all shapes & sizes with ages ranging from late teens to early 60s, all doing it because they've been affected by people with cancer.

  6. I signed up for that in 2004, in memory for my mum and dad! Martin will tell you I was a big long distance runner in my youth. anyhow as you will remember I was 3 months pregnant! by July! so couldn't do it, but still have the tee-shirt as ordered before buns in the oven.
    well done Mrs Me (nearly wrote her name!) we would have sponsered!
    Who did she run for? or did she just do it?
    I was allowed to walk on my first effort. but my consultant said no! and the next year I also signed up, and they wouldn't allow pushchairs!!!

  7. forgot to say CONGRATS MRS ME, well done I am proud of you