Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Not something heard everyday “I’ll be back” @Turner Contemporary Project Space

“I’ll be back” or similar words were exchanged with staff from one satisfied visitor to the current exhibition “Turner Contemporary Open 2009” just prior to that statement, I was thinking the same myself.

For me this particular exhibition has been, the best so far, clearly representing as it does, some talented locals, I get the impression, that their is a certain amount of distain for local talent, since unlike previous exhibitions it doesn’t apparently warrant any PR puff from the in house Press Department, probably working under strict guidelines from the arts councils.

The superabundant or as I prefer super redundant earlier exhibition inspired no less than six “press kits”, possibly as it was so brain numbingly awful, one enterprising “artist” having acquired a job lot of bathroom scales, albeit from IKEA, I think, laid these out in geometric pattern in some artistic expression, that was beyond me and I suspect any rational person.

Art is obviously subject to personal foibles, experience, conditioning, education. Its rare to see so many linger at the project space and for once its well worth a visit.

It would be nice to see this “open” become a regular feature of the Turner Contemporary, since big money contemporary art as found in say the Tate Modern, is for me mainly crap, a view, I think shared by most outside of the “art world”.

Do your self a favour and go along and take a gander, after all, this is work of either locals or artist trained in Kent and since one way or another you’ll be paying for this (Turner Contemporary), you might as well get your moneys worth. Enjoy!