Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Morrisons Car Park full already

With Morrisons opening next Monday, I thought I’d just take a nose particularly as one of my readers bought up the subject of Thanet Councils largess, not to the public but staff who are given free and preferential parking rights.

I have reported on this subject, on more than one occasion particularly Mill Lane car park, which is almost entirely occupied by council staff, Monday to Friday.

Its my theory that Margate businesses, have been stifled over the years by selfish council employees, taking up all the convenient and cheaper parking. Ramsgate town is still a viable shopping area, in part because the multi story car park is available to shoppers, all week and not just weekends with no freeloaders.

Its no surprise that the Thanet council have done nothing to address this problem, over the years, since as we all know, Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas (apologies for early seasonal reference).

Cllr Martin Wise, Thanet council’s cabinet member for finance has I believe, suggested that the council will be facing big cuts in funding, in future years, so maybe, before he starts carving Turkey, he could at least get rid of the parking free for all, particularly for over paid senior officers who had an inflation busting pay increases earlier in the year.

Lets hope on Monday when Morrison’s open their doors they’re not contemplating a full car park of council dib dobs with no paying customers. Morrison’s offer a bit of retail biodiversity in an area dominated by Tesco, lets hope their business is not suffocated by inconsiderate and selfish council as has clearly been the case for the high street.

Margate’s chances of thriving are severely impeded, by excluding the public from car parks and TDC’s predatory policy of forcing the public to use expensive on street parking.

Update I thought I’d just check and understand that although vehicles I saw yesterday parked in College Rd car park had council permits they’re not entitled free parking in that car park.


  1. What makes you so sure that all or most of these cars belong to TDC employees?

  2. Turkeys Love Christmas dont they? Tony I have long thought if the shops at Westwood Cross etc offer free parking and are paying for that parking in the Business Rates they pay why do shops on the High Street not get free parking for their customers as well after all they pay Rates the same as the supermarkets etc.Maybe out of town shops are a special case anyone of our councillors care to explain why.

  3. Anon Might be the TDC parking badges stuck to the windscreen, simple even for Turkeys. Take a gander.

    Don free parking is an issue but more importantly is the fact that most parking spaces are effectively removed by TDC staff looking after themselves.

  4. Out of Town shopping centres normally belong to a developer who can charge if they like as was and may still be the case at that tented shopping centre by Ashford International.

  5. The public seem to me to be able to park where they like. The Market Square for example had 15 vehicles parked on the paving yesterday and every day. The pavement in front of the shelter at the top of Fort Hill is parked on every day. The Lower Esplanade in Palm Bay which prohibits unauthorised vehicles is often blighted by ..well...unauthorised vehicles. There are countless back streets where cars are parked all four wheels on the pavement or in a driveway sticking out onto the pavement. TDC don't enforce parking laws enough as far as I am concerned.