Friday, July 24, 2009

Dreamland Trust receives cash boost

According to local newspapers, the Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded the Dreamland Trust £384,500, good news for once, although at this stage the money given is just so much candyfloss, as campaigners now hope to apply for a further £2.65 million for the initial phase of the project.

Just while we're thinking about this, it will be interesting to know what is actually happening to the scenic railway, presumably Thanet council's planning department are dealing with this in their usual efficient way, which might explain why I can't actually recall how long ago one third of this structure was consumed by flames.

Margate as we all know has been subject to incredibly inept stewardship, which has pretty much encompassed Sandy Ezekiel's reign as leader of Thanet Council, in his time large swathes of Margate retail business has disappeared along of course with Dreamland amusement park.

In fact the only growth in recent years around Margate, has been of luxury flats, which in reality due to their poor construction, are in reality tomorrow's slums and in the main rented by families on low income and no suprise that some developments have gone spectacularly bust like the Seabathing development.

Any how it's pleasing to see that local campaigners will be receiving lottery funds, on a project that will be mainstream in its appeal, as of course the lottery is itself which makes a change since vast amounts of lottery funds usually head straight for art projects, that appeal to nobody except the delusional elite, the sort who consider Damien Hirst and dare I say Tracey Emin to be great artists.

A minor victory for the common man I think, although for myself rather than proposed heritage stuff, I'd rather see something a little more cutting edge than a heritage theme park, still I suppose like everything else, in Margate we will take what we are given.

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  1. Many negative opinions here about non Dreamland issues and little positive comment about this Dreamland initiative which is one of the few viable options I have seen that could make a difference to Margate.

    Have you been to Grona Lund, Liseberg and Tivoli? I have......