Thursday, July 02, 2009


day out8I noticed recently that according to the “dashboard” on my blogger account, that I had posted more than a thousand blogs (1022 with this), although checking, I had not published a few, so I’m  uncertain exactly how many.

Why do I do it, I enjoy it, I also think I touch parts that other media doesn’t and report on things local journo’s are unable or unwilling.

 day out 3There are topics that are naturally uncomfortable for real hacks, like their own industry, for instance the BBC in Kent failing to report on local politics, such as the first Full Council Meeting of the new KCC, and  Kent Regional News & Media, dubious policy of at one time of accepting adverts for massage services with foreign girls (presumably unaware of the potential people trafficking implications).

Still in the defence of local media  they manage to cover much of what factual information we need but fail badly where maybe commentary and unravelling is needed, this last week I’ve seen various reports based entirely on the output of one of KCC’s press releases, just rewritten in an unquestioning way.

Taking off at a tangent, I’ve attempted to get the press department of KCC to answer 2 fairly simple questions, after almost a week nothing, more than a week has passed since I asked Kent Constabulary “how many of 100 arrests at Kingsnorth resulted in charges?”, its no surprise that I’ve yet to received a reply particularly after this plod ism “ We deal with “official” media” which when challenge was withdrawn.

Of course the other reason I do this, is for the feedback from readers, it great to get agreement, its great to contributions, its great to get argument, its great to sometimes influence, I even love those comments about my grammar, this blog is just a conversation, so tough tits, if you don’t like the style (and why do they read this!).

I don’t have the resources, nobody reads this through  before its publish, unlike professional writers, and I am just a blogger who sometimes happens get things write, right or rite. A term which gets on my tits is citizen journalist, bloggers are bloggers end out6

Anyway I’ve chosen to decorate this post with pictures from my day out in the countryside, woods near Challock, pub in

day out 5



  1. Congrats! Never thought you'd last this long. Still, they're/their/there you go!

  2. Congratulations Tony.

    You have got a few years to go to catch me up.

    Did Kent Plod ever catch the guy who walked right through their security at Kingsnorth and switched the power station off ?

    I wonder if they took his colouring book off him on the way in ?

    Did he mayhap dress as a Plod ? It being custom and practice now to conceal the officer badge number it would be easy to appear as one of the chaps out to take colouring books off kids and shield strike innocent lightweight hippies.

  3. Another demo there this Saturday.

  4. There were plenty of thugs there that day that dressed as plod.

  5. Well done, Tony! Regular daily read and much enjoyed!

  6. Indeed Eastcliff if only I had your education

    Richard I shouldn't antagonise the police and in all honesty most do a tough job

    Anon 2:22 I don't necessarily support the demonstrators but dont agree with heavy handed policing unless their about to turn off my power.

    Cheers Bertie !

  7. Oh come on! I was trying to be nice! Leave your chips in the deep fat fryer next time old bean!

    BTW, if you condescend to come over to Ramsgate Rocks this weekend, I'll shout you a pint/burger or two.