Monday, July 27, 2009

Morrisons brimming with customers

The new Morrisons opened today, fed up with monoculture of tesco’s, I thought I'd go and have a snoop, sometimes with a new store the staff, are not up to speed, however in the new Morrisons which opened today, the staff, seemed efficient, although many customers appeared bewildered with little sense of direction myself included.

Apart from a birthday card, I didn’t really have much if anything I needed to buy, I never feel comfortable, just getting the one thing, and I suspect there were many like me just reconnoitering for the big shop.

Morrison's appears to have a wider selection of branded products than “own brands” and I couldn’t find the Polish quarter with its strange pickled veg and sausages familiar to Tesco’s. I expect for a day or two it will be mayhem. I’ll maybe go again next week, when it settles down and hope I don’t have the same women behind me, trying to gouge lumps out of my leg with her blimin trolley in the check out queue, why do women do that.


  1. I believe they're taking on some of the old Somerfield staff. I personally will still be doing my weekly shopping in Birchington though, as I prefer the village / small town atmosphere there.

  2. is anyone aware of the arrangements being made for the arrival of 12500 Sierra Leone's arriving on Saturday for a day out on margate sands its been on sky tv and london radio stations. Are the parking spaces available for 250 coaches and what about toilet facilities portaloos ect ? its supossed to be the biggest gathering of Africans in Europe

  3. It was the same in the new 99p shop in Ramsgate - you couldn't move in there for the first few days but now there is plenty of room to see the crap in there for what it really is- not that I'm suggesting for one moment Morrison's is like that - the new one that was built by the river Thames in Erith was an excellent store. Margate people need somewhere to shop after all!Even they have to eat.

  4. As far as I know they retained the whole Somerfield crew. I like it. Seems pretty competitive price wise. Somerfield was too expensive.