Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hotel Inspector visits Margate's Walpole Bay Hotel

A rare event last nights Channel 5 show Hotel inspector, a reality makeover/business improvement programme which actually achieved, what it set out to do.
The advice given to the Walpole Bay Hotel by the expert hotel inspector, is for once followed up to a point (at least till the cameras stopped filming) and even more unusually for this type of show which focused on a family business, the family emerges with purpose and self respect.inspectotel2
Often these shows seem to trash the businesses and the families or owners, this seemed to steer clear of that cliché, I’m thinking in particular of that effing moron Gordon Whatisface who terms up in restaurants' ostensibly to save them but is such a drama queen, that the participants lose any interest they might have had.
Unfortunately few hotels still exist as independently run, outside the bland chains and a hotel with individual character and charm must be a real draw when set against those grim roadside Inns and Lodges.
Unlike the visit by the BBC’s “Apprentice” a few months ago this programme was without the usual cringe making moments and there seemed no negative comments about Margate. In fact I think everyone including Jane Bishop and her family emerged with their dignity intact. Well done!


  1. Absolutely spot on Tony.Well done to Jane and staff

  2. what a ghastly owner of the hotel. I had to watch it twice. The words creepy, overpowering come to mind - a serious horror

    Well done Alex for sorting the place out - the son and daughter should do well ......

  3. I think Jane is forthright seems to genuinely want give the public a quality product, no problem there pity we dont have more like her

    I've never met her but she seemed pleasant enough.

  4. I have met Jane on several occasions when I have visited with friends for a drink and a natter and she is charming and friendly.It is so good to go somewhere that is'nt a brand like Thorleys or Wheatherspoons etc-well done to Jane and family

  5. Jane came over quite well, a bit bonkers (or maybe "eccentric" is a better word) but quite loveable with it.

    I do hope she takes the advice on board, the Walpole is a lovely old place, full of character, but there is a limit to how many old milkbottles and hats it will hold!

  6. The place is amazing and over the years the family have put so much hard work and passion into the place! Jane and Co are fantastic and if they have so many famous guests (see the visitors book) then they must be doing something right!

  7. We stayed at the Walpole for a couple of nights in February, we thought is was just great, We met the owner briefly and thought she was charming and most helpful, I,m sure we shall go again the breakfast was superb, very nice place to be is the Walpole Bay Hotel.

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  9. I am removing your comment because since you make it anonymously, there is no way to substantiate your claim.

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