Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big Sky Margate Jazz

Big Sky, Big Crowds and Big Deal (Christine Tobin’s Band) opening the show, Jazz not entirely my thing but it helped add life to Margate, in the sun listen to the music seeing the crowds it looked and felt how a seaside town should.

bs9 Anyway enjoyed Christine Tobin’s Big Deal, was quite surprised when as she was singing a Brazilian song, a young girl next to Mrs Me started singing along (I’ve not encountered anyone sing-along to jazz before), apparently after interrogation by Mrs Me the youngster admitted to knowing the song as she was Portuguese.

I forgot that there was also a craft and art market on in the market place in the old town, I believe its on tomorrow as well as more entertainment. Had to leave earlier than I would due other commitments.bs92

I noticed up near the West Coast they had more mainstream entertainment. I understand the sum will be shining again in Margate, might nip over for some more tomorrow.


  1. Yes a great day had by all.well done to all involved

  2. Fantastic-2 days of sun and music and great to see so many people enjoying themselves,well done indeed