Thursday, July 16, 2009

Community Service

Why is it that whenever I see or hear of Jack Straw, the following words come into my head "smug", "pompous", "sanctimonious" and "tit".

Maybe it's the patronising way, that Jack Straw seems to engage with great British public. I recall in 1997 after suggesting that parents ought to take more responsibility etc. for their children, he himself as Home Secretary learnt from the Mirror things about his own family that needed sorting. jackstraw

So you're asking what's he done to offend me, its just, that Jack Straw, apparently, welcomes the idea of criminals wearing orange high viz vests, according to the Sun.

As most people in my industry wear orange high-vis clothing, there's a chance that low life criminals, could be confused with hard working industrious types like me.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate, if criminals on community service, could, instead wear lounge suits like Jack Straw, admittedly there's a danger they might be confused with politicians but then they shouldn't have committed a crime, in the first place.

The Suns Story

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