Monday, February 12, 2007

Just who is looking after your interests?

After doing a quick post on the subject of Freemasons, I'm curious to know exactly how open or accountable any of our institutions are in the local domain. Having gone to that Dreamland presentation last week I believe that Toby Hunter was quite clear that their had not been awful lot of cooperation between Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company and Thanet Council, although he did seem to suggest an ongoing relationship with Seeda (South East of England Development Agency).

Now if you follow local developments you keep seeing this organisation (Seeda) popping up, at the mention of every regeneration project. One thing you will notice about them, is their very generous with their money. Paying for the Turner Contemporary, bunging the council a few million to buy themselves a Shop (M&S) in Margate. But just who the hell are they, well here is a list of the top bods at Seeda, Jeff Alexander,Pam Alexander, Lee Amor, Paul Lovejoy, John Parsonage, Duncan Straughen, can't remember voting for any of them, well you didn't and yet these people have considerable power because they hold the purse strings, in the local Regeneration Game.

Pam Alexander Seeda Chief Executive apparently chairs the Margate Renewal Panel, why, who knows, I realise that government cannot trust local people with what is effectively our own Money but surely we could have locally accountable politicians, chair these organisations and then seek approval for spending?

I just wonder how much our local council has to contribute to any local matter. Recently along with other tame district councils, Thanet Council signed an agreement with the KCC "the Kent Commitment", the aim of which is to improve services and achieve significant savings, some chance. We all know what improving and cost reduction mean, well if you work for TDC in back office operations, it most likely means your job is going to be exported, up the road to Maidstone where 'County Tories' have traditionally taken care of the own with your money (like free buses for Kids in Tunbridge Wells, Canterbury and Tonbridge).

Do you remember the local council having any public consultation with you or I, not bloody likely. This is yet another case of the local council playing second fiddle. It seems the councils first defence of local people is to role over and have their tummy tickled rather than stand and fight our corner.

Since local elections are due in May perhaps our local political parties could try and think strategically for the benefit of those of us who work and live in Thanet. The council ought to be leading developments at Turner, Westwood, Manston, Dreamland instead they give every impression of being passive bit players in our future.

Local political parties could spend a little time offering a manifesto for Thanet instead as I imagine devoting most of their efforts in jockeying for positions, chair of this committee Mayor of that town. In fairness one or two councilors appear to take their duties seriously but most look as if they have joined some exclusive club.

SEEDA Directors Who are they? Bi ogs ere

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  1. Does any one know who many bums (and which ones) when has to kiss to be nominated by any given party to get "in there" with the idea of actually serving Thanet as a counciller?