Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Thanet council sidesteps residents pleas for adequate security

Funny how Thanet council can find £300,000 a year to fund car-parking for themselves but are unable to find a similar amount of money, to protect vulnerable Ramsgate residents of Trove Court and Kennedy House.

Now according to the report by Kathy Bailes in today's Thanet Times councillor David Green has asked for 24 hour security to be put in place in addition to better security doors and improved CCTV to protect residents who have been subjected to intimidation by drug abusing scum for many years. This sort of security apparently would cost Thanet council more than £300,000 a year, really?

Now there are two conclusions from this report Thanet council is happy to subsidise its own personnel to the tune of £300,000 plus for car-parking but their unwilling to spend a similar amount of money protecting residents homes and secondly just how do they arrive at £300,000 a year, assuming as I understand these two tower-blocks are next to each other so by employing five wardens @ around £25,000 a year they could offer round-the-clock protection for a cost of £125,000 a year plus the one-off capital cost of improving entrances and security cameras.

This operation could be modified, once Ramsgates drug dealing low-life have moved on and the problems sorted. There would be benefits to this the residents could sleep easy and secondly it would send a message that Thanet is determined to make life difficult for criminals.

Just as a digression given the wild estimate of providing security to the residents of Trove Court and Kennedy House, I wonder whether this would explain why our council tax bills are so ludicrously high.

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  1. I'd have thought they could take the money from the £1.5 million first installment from the development at Manston Road allotment site. After all they are only spending £300,000 (or £500,00 depending on who you ask) on the other allotment sites. I make that... erm.....£1.2 million left over.