Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Kent in five million pound giveaway

It has emerged that Kent council, has once again been exhibiting its extraordinary, ability to waste your money. Kent council have decided to offer £5 million to Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells hospitals, after it was revealed that the organisation was at the heart of a health scandal which resulted in the deaths of around 90 patients.

At a recent meeting of the Scrutiny committee chairman Mike Eddy (labour), pointed out that Kent council with no knowledge of the hospitals financial state, made this extraordinary offer, which when I checked today had yet to taken by the hospital in question.

Alex King who has frequently been associated with some of Kent's other wise investments such Virginia, spending hundreds thousands with as yet no return, was of the opinion that this loan "had been made to help restore public confidence".

Blimey I don't know about confidence its certainly restores my opinion that Paul Carters administration are clueless. It looks like those who run Kent council, once again, have shown there loyalty and desire to look after the rich of Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells with our money.

What are the chances of Paul Carter or any of that lot dipping in to help, hospitals in the east of the county? Slim I would think since Thanet still doesn't a decent road connection for the simple reason Kent Tory Toffs don't come here that often.

As far as I know Kent council is in business to offer education, empty bins, and sort out roads, so perhaps the Chief Executive Peter Gilroy could look into whether its legal to divert money into the health service.

Unfortunately for us the paying public, Kent council is just like our Health Service, full of people wearing suits, going off to pointless meetings, to justify made up jobs.

My advice to Paul Carter and co is concentrate on the core business of the council, and stop wasting money on trips to Virginia, Kent TV, and god knows what.

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