Monday, November 05, 2007

Ramsgate wins smelliest Toilet competition

The headline is completely bogus but if there were such a competition, I'm sure Thanet council would win by a significant margin. I had the misfortune to take what Americans call a comfort break whilst visiting Ramsgate Saturday.

Its sometime since, I have used the conveniences in Cavendish Street, and my mind had blotted out the appalling stench. As I'm currently in my middle age, it cannot be long before the provision of public toilets becomes a major consideration. I just hope that before I get caught short again that the council will invest in some bleach or other cleaning product.

I rang the council before on this issue and thought I would try again, it was suggested that drainage might be a problem or even poor aim by local residents, anyhow I was reassured that these toilets are cleaned regular.

I suggested that maybe they could use bleach, but this is apparently not allowed for some hitherto unknown (by me and probably you) health and safety regs. I then asked why it wasn't possible to throw some of those pineapple cube things in, that smell nice into the urinal, but its feared that children would pick them up?. Its a while since I've been responsible for young children, and admittedly never the most competent parent however I cannot imagine allowing children capable of picking up strange objects into a public toilet on their own.

One thing is self evident given the stench these loos don't have sufficient ventilation. On the plus side Roger Latchford who was telling us how marvelous our local facilities were last year (See Press release), having the toilet portfolio(Commercial and Environmental Services )at the time, has moved on to higher and sweeter things (Economy and Culture) and is probably in China right now, so hopefully Cllr.Shirley Tomlinson could adopt a more critical view and sort these bogs out once and for all, since this problem has existed all the time they've been open.

I have been told that new tiles maybe installed, what that will do, god alone knows, what they need to do is sort out the ventilation and drains too damn simple I suppose.


  1. Toilets - one of my favourite subjects.
    I have often wondered about the smell in gentlemen's toilets.

    Why do they smell different to Ladies? I don't know.

    Only recently I was in the men's loo in a certain Ramsgate Harbour Bar. Why? Well the ladies was occupied the gents empty. I saw no reason for waiting.

    The stench was over powering! It was in the morning, I'm sure they were clean. Mr T.P. suggested it was due to a ventilation problem, but I thought then the ladies here would have the same problem.

    Having ventured into the mens room a number of times in my life - I have never found the a similar smell in the ladies.

    BTW, as you can guess, there is a website for posting reviews and pics of public toilets, I'll look it up for you!

  2. Pineapple cubes in the urinals eh? Oh the cocktail parties you must have over there in Margate!

  3. Can you smell it from Margate Tony. The toilet that it not the insignificant Eastcliffe Richturd

  4. Gosh what a rapier wit you possess Mr J-Cloths!