Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blogging Hell!

Some days I reckon this blogging thing is getting out of hand. If I need any proof I reckon it comes in the form of "blogs" written by those who already have pretty good access to the media.

Politicians journalists etc have taken to the medium the likes of David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nick Robinson and they might well add something that wouldn't otherwise be addressed in the media already.

So what prompting this particular post, well its the discovery that Paul Carter, leader of Kent Conservatives has launched himself into the less formal world of blogging, in fairness its informative and a fresh attempt to communicate.

It would be unfair judge at this early stage since the blog is a day or two old, were you to go back 600 odd postings to my first entries, you would almost certainly get the impression of a middle aged semi-literate* moron being the author, well two years later ...... fair enough.

All I would say, is that if I were Mr Carter, I would get myself a blogger account or something to give that honest down to earth look, with maybe a photo or two perhaps of colleagues being careful with our money(tall order).

*(Educated in Kent)

Click here for Paul Carters Blog


  1. Oh well, another six million quid wisely spent on PR, er, I mean, vital communications.

  2. I was educated in Thanet and despite dyslexia still managed a level four education (degree level). I can (after much additional work) conjugate a verb, form a valid sentence and use paragraphs. I can also put together a blog without which is more than can be said for the people helping to bring about the sorry state of Paul Carter's offering.

    As they say in these parts: "eek!"

  3. How DOES he find the time in his busy council-running-the-county-type schedule to have a blog?

  4. I notice there's no facility for comments. No guts!