Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Manston Open Day

In between my busy schedule this weekend, I had pleasure of visiting Manston Airport which was holding a fun day.

It was pleasing to visit the airport and see large numbers, turn out for the event promoting this summers holidays using the airport. Hopefully the owners of Manston are increasing their business in a sustainable way apparently freight business was up by 15% year on year in the 12 months up to November.

It looks like Infratil know what their doing, in the past, we've seen the likes of EU jet with a hand full of Fokkers and no customers and last year we had those ....bright sparks in Maidstone (Kent Tories), spending hundreds of thousands of your local tax's on flights to some American backwater that never got off the ground.

Judging by the numbers visiting Manston, and the queues to speak with company reps, it looks like many prefer to travel from Manston airport, myself having experienced the 4 am departure only to wander aimlessly around Gatwick until 6 in the evening and no bloody apology and minimal information before boarding a plane.

I've only flown twice from Manston the both times times the flight left on time, even when the flight was delayed on the return journey for an hour who cares, when your in doors with a nice cup of tea, twenty minutes after landing. Given the choice between Manston and any other airport I know which I prefer.


  1. Good report Tony, nice to see someone being positive about Manston.
    I tried a few years back, and bought shares in Wiggins. (Silly Billy), but seriously the points you make are relevent to many in Thanet

  2. I presume you, er, forgot to ask them about their blighting, polluting Oasis training flights.

  3. Dear Eastcliff
    I was going to have something to the effect of "Make Eastcliffs Day and book now" as the title and then mention how taking flights would result in more flights over Eastcliff Mansions during the coming summer and thus give you a purpose in life, something to get you wound up about.

    But no that would just be petty stupid and antagonistic. oops