Saturday, January 19, 2008

No time to blog

Had no time to blog this weekend, due to work commitments, which is a bit of a pity, would love to comment on Gordon Browns trip China where Labours movement to the right, seems to have reached its peak, all Gordon Brown seems concerned with, is getting his hands on china's money, my question if I had the time, would be, what happened to Labour ethics, China trample on human rights daily, and all brown can do is ask for money.

One of the reasons I have limited time to blog is the fact that I work for an agency in the rail industry, this Friday Network Rail has mentioned its intention do cut down reliance on agencies working with contractors, this appears to be a knee jerk reaction to three engineering projects going tits up at Christmas. My experience on jobs I work, is that agency workers make up the bulk of the work force (you can spot them as there the ones actually working). According to Railstaff newspaper at any time over the Christmas break 5000 rail workers would have been out in the wind and rain.

I'd like to spend some time exploring both of these topics, but I have to be up early for a twelve hour shift.


  1. Good on you Tony! Keep the good work up on the railway lines!

  2. You didn't have too much to say about Mr Ezekiel's visit to China - you seemed to accept the propaganda behind it pushed by various Tories - so why even think of commenting on the Government visit?

  3. We British are not so far behind in the human rights abuses scale. According to a world wide report that I read we endure as much or more surveillance then they do.

  4. anonymous 9:22 if you check your facts TRY READING MY POST OF THE 1ST NOVEMBER 2007 "THANET COUNCILS CHINESE TAKE AWAY"
    ALSO ONE MONTH LATER DECEMBER 1ST 2007 "THANET'S LONG MARCH TO PROSPERITY" I said more than anyone else as it happens if you would like to check go down the side bar and click on those months alternatively put china in the search box at the top.

    yeah right matt b

  5. Well we've been in bed with the Septics for donkeys. Ooh, did anyone mention Guantanamo Bay?