Friday, June 13, 2008

Big event

This weekend sees Margate's big event, hopefully this will be a success as it was, last year, and for any Thanetonians who couldn't motivate themselves out of the house last year, I suggest you give your backside a rest and take a butchers at the event.

Some will clearly see this as a pitiful crowd pleasing attempt by an rather lack lustre local council, which is my view entirely but since the ruling Tory group has sacrificed everything for the benefit of profiteering developers and are more than happy to bend over for incoming speculators even to the extent of taking hospitality from the corrupt Chinese government (corrupt is as much as they offer their people no human rights and no democracy), and allowing a Chinese development which may well destroy our local drinking water supplies.

Anyway Sandy's administration which this year has produced a master plan, which will probably finish off Dreamland for every, ignoring local consultations, ruined the library with "Gateway" and placed the last nail in coffin for Margate retailers with a massive hike in parking charges, needs to have something to distract us voters and the Big event is just the thing.

How the Tories have got away with turning their back on the electorate and their wishes remains a mystery still like many I shall be easily distracted at the event.


  1. This is a great event, and very enjoyable for locals and vistors alike, credit to tdc. Saddly tdc do not deserve any credit for much else. Margate, well where does one start? Simply it is dieing fast, from the high st with few shops, to a deserted seafront. Arts, Folkstone today managed to get Tracy Emien to visit and display art work.Why hadn't tdc taken the lead and iniative and booked Tracy to visit Margate and promote the town's art, this would have justified all the wasted money spent so far. Nodoby I speak to is happy with this council, and the level of disatisfaction of how tdc is managing our towns is growing due to town's decline, parking, libary, fines etc etc.

  2. Dont forget Walley's World. Bet theres good times there to be had.

  3. Tracy Emien was paid along with many other artist to be part of the Folkestone Triennial, paid for by Roger De Haan, i wish we had a Roger De haan type of person to spend their fortune for the good of the town... We seem to specialize in comedy villains.

  4. I see Folkestone got the neon we should have had.