Sunday, June 22, 2008

Are all politicians the same?

I'm sure that after the council recently consulted us about assets they wish to sell, build on or otherwise destroy, at the end of the day, they'll go ahead and do what they please as witnessed earlier when Thanet council despite public opinion to the contrary decide they would assist Dreamland speculators and write up a master plan which was remarkably similar to those proposed by developers.

In the interests of political balance, here is my quote of the week from a letter (something to do with slowing up traffic) in yourThanet attributed to Elizabeth Green and Alan Poole (Labour) "We would obviously like to see these recommendations implemented as soon as possible following thorough consultation" maybe its my interpretation but the inference is that a consultation is just a meaningless process which I is suppose for politicians it is.


  1. You are entitled to your opinion Tony, but in this case you have it entirely wrong. These proposals for traffic calming around Chilton School were brought forward on behalf of parents. It was Cllrs Poole and Green that argued that local residens should be consulted before decisions were made. They have since leafleted the area and will be holding a public meeting to discuss possible soluions.

  2. And you cannot even see that you are agreeing with Tony's point ?

  3. Hold on David whether your colleagues have consulted with special interest groups is not the point.

    "We would like to see these recommendations implemented"

    and then "as soon as possible"

    finishing with a dismissive "following consultation"

    What exactly would be the blimin point of consultation if you go ahead with recommendations.

    Labour is at a peak of self delusion its seems highly infectious. If you cannot see the point I'm making that is fair enough.

    Just what are you consulting about and for and who with and what's the point!

    Re reading the letter I see typical Labour control freakery in a desire to slow traffic on the main road out of Ramsgate.

    I know your colleague Ladyman has scant interest in the working people of Thanet obviously this attitude extends to the grass roots . The only good thing on the horizon as far as Ladyman is concerned is the P45 from the electorate.

    It would probably come as some shock that not every resident of Thanet wishes to be welfare dependant and some of us have to use cars and vans to get to work!
    and are used to main roads haveing an appropriate speed limit.

    Why not just the whole hog and ban vehicles from Thanet

  4. Councils have little consultation with the public and give a short window for the public to give their views. This does not allow full public awareness of the decisions that will affect them.It seems public opinion is no longer welcomed, and final decisions will be made and that the public's views are not being presented to the decision makers. Our councils are no longer listening. This also seems to be confirmed by a recent petition handed to tdc's leader expressing local concerns in Margate High st.