Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Apprentice

The Apprentice returns tonight and in an unexpected turn of events, the Daily Mirror reports that Sir Alan Sugar, himself might well be an early casualty of the series, as he's none too happy, how he was portrayed in a recent trailer for comic relief.

The mirror has several quotes from the Sir Alan, but this one typifies his complaint "The idiot that edited it - and I don't know who's done it - went through the past five years of archive to find snapshots of me roaring like a deranged lunatic and just stuck them all together. That person feels that is how they want me portrayed. I did my nut about it, but it was too late. It had been screened and I wasn't shown it beforehand. (sounds like good telly to me)

Anyway temper tantrums aside, I for one can't wait for the new series to start, not just for the joy of seeing the apprentices not living up to their inflated egos but the bonus of one episode in which the apprentices are tasked with the job of rebranding Margate.

Just how the apprentices will handle Margate’s image makeover, should be quite amusing and you never know they might come up with something good, that said there is a potential for some cringe making television though, since anyone rebranding needs to have some idea of the raw materials, which in our case include the high street in terminal decline, work in progress, derelict abandoned or burnt out attractions and of course the Turner contemporary building site and god forbid any local dignitaries wittering about cafe culture.

Now I come to think of it, that particular episode I might just give a miss or view from behind the sofa.


  1. I can't wait for it, should make for intesresting watching....

  2. Any ideas that these Big Brother rejects come up with will be forgotten immediately after broadcast.

    What will remain in the public domain is the idea that Margate is a basket case.

    It's a PR disaster in the making.

  3. Does anyone know what they came up with, or when the episode is going to be shown?

    Also, does anyone know if is this in collaboration with the Margate Renewal Partnership?

    Should be interesting!

  4. What's the worst that could happen? If, as so many say, Margate is dead then there is little that can be done to kill it any more. On the other hand if there is life in the old girl yet then why are we not cheering it on?

    I suspect that most of the damage has already been done but even if I am totally wrong - there is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about.

  5. Having watched the contestants in this series, I doubt very much if they can manage anything let alone the rebranding of a once great resort. Margate is a great town with fantastic beaches, wonderful architecture and a rich history. Yes, it has its problems but no more than any other town these days. Let down by the council (no investment in the town), local landlords (no investment in their property) and a lot of its inhabitants (no investment in anything). The way forward would be to create a 'Pride' culture and I don't mean gay pride. I come from a small run down Northern town which received the right investment in infrastructure, industry, its people and history. Create pride in the local environment and encourage positive thinking - accentuate the positive. Will the apprentices see this -no. All I can see are a load of arrogant half wit salespeople with no vision and no business accumen. I am gobsmacked week on week by their lack of thought, planning and ability.

    Having said all this, I am quite looking forward to seeing the disasterous episode where they are so wrapped up in themselves, they fail miserably to see the bigger picture.