Saturday, March 07, 2009

Timed out

A combination of things in this post, first off looking at my spy software meter contraption I note, that you the reader are wasting too much time, trying to decipher, what I’m on about, according to my info your averaging around three and half minutes ( Sitemeter its 3:30 and Hi stats 4:01)

Life is short, so I’ll briefly mention that the details acquired don’t as far as I know give personally identifiable information although often large companies can be identified so media and news workers beware. (But don’t worry because if the UK government are not already monitoring everything the US probably is).

In the news, the plight of Jade Goody is as sad as its prominent, and disturbingly I see a few aloof journalist and commentators, who’ve taken the opportunity to take a swipe at her, because she is well, fairly ordinary but has had the determination and willpower to make something of her life.

Jade Goody faced with the likely crushing outcome of her illness, has done a remarkable job in providing a future for her family, which ought to earn the respect and admiration of even the most cynical.

One hopes that Jade, will along with anyone in her condition be receiving the best care available. For many a key provider of care and advice for those with terminal illness is either Marie Curie Cancer Care or Macmillan Cancer Support, who as ever need funds.

Fortunately I’ve never been in direct contact with either but one thing I do recall is a Macmillan nurses doing something a doctor couldn’t and that was taking the time to explain the severity of a patients condition, who was then able in the following week to sort out their affairs and more importantly allow friends and family a few final hours together.

That small intervention was years ago but I know it had a significant effect in making the most of the patient’s last few hours, so where this going.

Well times short and I can be verbose, so if your one of the regulars maybe popping in once a week to be enlightened spending 3-4 minutes, over the year, that’s around three hours, longer than any film or football match so maybe you could give a tenner.

Anyway here’s a link to both of these essential organisations Macmillan Cancer Support and Marie Curie Cancer Care.


  1. Hi read the post and wondered if that was my mum? you are right the doctors where hiding behind terminology and it was the Macmillan Nurse who spelt it out, and spent time with us and thank God she did, we all got time to be with and say goodbye to mum, which was lost in the doctors technoburble! she also helped following, incidently my bestfriend is funded I believe by Macmillian but works in the NHS and the personnal time she gives is unbelivable, on days off visiting clients socially ect social groups, fund raising and attending funerals, she really reguards her clients and their family as friends, amazing! I am a nurse but this work is a totally higher calling.

  2. Heather I'll hope you'll excuse the reference to your mum, my sister.

    Its fair to say the Macmillan Nurse made an incredible difference, which helps years later.

  3. Hi Tony of course I don't mind, it's a constant source of pride when people remember her in any way, she was an amazing women resorceful, funny, careing, proud to the point of stupidness, I miss her, but if it hadn't been for that nurse we would all be regreting not spending her last moments with her.
    by the way I was anonymous cos I couldn't work out all the different stuff at the bottom when you sign in!!DOH!