Thursday, June 11, 2009


No Sandy hasn’t gone barking bonkers mad and decided to pay senior Thanet council “officers” what their worth, despite the fact his leader David Cameron, according to the Telegraph, in a future Conservative Government "will "out" quangocrats and mandarins who have been "getting rich at the taxpayer's expense" by publishing details of all public sector salaries over £150,000."

No Thanet Tories have no problems in rewarding senior council officers, even if they have to resort to slick PR tactics to try and keep it quiet, like this misleading line from a press release in April, “This saw an agreement to a pay award of 0% for the Corporate Management Team….” on a quick glance it looked as if senior officers had done the decent thing and accepted they were already on a good wage but no it later transpired the clue was in the proceeding waffle “senior staffing structure”, “excellent value for money” and the crucial “changes to basic salary scales”

Cllr. Simon Moores who chaired the General Purposes Committee that agreed the new pay scale which of course had the consequence of giving top bods as I understand inflation busting increases is now a trusted member of Sandy’s cabinet.

Back to business as an example of how to treat, fat cats, inspired by Conservative Leader, David Cameron, us here at Flaig Mansions in the private sector, have imposed a pay cut on our own Mr Puss.

Its fair to say Mr Puss is less than happy despite careful explaining that his basic pay package will remain the same “Go Cat” Duck & Rabbit instead of Tesco’s own brand(up rated last year), private medical cover “More Than” (your worth), but the bonus weekly tin of tuna is out (also Mrs has seen something on telly about tuna).

I know its harsh and unkind but as I pointed out to Mr Puss, who else would employ you! a question that our politicians ought to ask their own fat cats!

PS Is it true that one senior council officer is so efficient, that despite we’re told “taking on more responsibility” to justify a fat increase, now has a part time job with the local NHS ?

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