Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thought for the week - anything else to declare?

workingforyou Amongst all the upset over MP’s expenses one area which is still worth a bit of consideration, is the area of outside interests. Should MP’s have second jobs.

My own MP Roger Gale seems upfront with this from his website “He holds office with a number of local and national charities and served for three years as a warrant-holding Special Constable with British Transport Police.”

Stephen Ladyman as far as I can see makes similar reference to outside commitments, which of course naturally include charitable work and some considerable work in the field of autism.

Such outside experiences, represent a sort of “added value” to local MPs and an acceptable if not almost obligatory part of an MPs life, however I’m not too keen on the thought of MPs working in the commercial world.

Anyhow having asked the question before, I thought I’d check out Stephen Ladyman’s website since publically he’s been so upfront about expenses, but surprisingly I can find no reference to his work for ITIS holdings mentioned previously on these pages.

Reassuringly its not just me who feels a little concerned with outside jobs, listening to Harriet Harmon this morning she mentioned she “would want to know” about second jobs of MPs and that from the 1st of July, MPs will have to register time spent and money earned from outside jobs.

So no doubt in a flourish of openness, Stephen Ladyman will publish details on his website but I cannot understand why he doesn’t already appear to do so, particularly given earlier publicity in the press.


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