Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just me the fish and a Damien Hirst moment

I’d forgotten how quiet and impressive our beaches can be, till I took a stroll yesterday, I spent much of my time as a kid down on this beach and have to be honest and admit that I’ve not been on the beach at Kingsgate for years.ontherocks

Brilliant even with a handful of dead fish which I found between Botany Bay and Southern Water’s big toilet flushing establishment. There were four in total, dog fish, I think, I had the thought, that they looked as though they were in pretty good condition, apart from the not swimming bit, also it reminded me of the last time I looked at a fish not in batter was one of Damien Hirst’s bigger sharks which looked a lot worse off, despite being sold for a million or so.southernwaterflush Apart from the fish, I note how clean the beach was although the effect of raking through the sand makes it look very flat and artificial similar to a construction site, an observation that also applies to the beach at Margate.flatbeach


  1. the beaches are great and the one at Botany Bay has got a great Kiosk that sell really nice bacon sarnies I can recomend them.

  2. Don the Kiosk does look very tempting and for my money Botany Bay is and has always been the best beach in Thanet and perhaps the country.