Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stuck in traffic

Its a while since I last posted and might well be some considerable time in the future when I summon up enough motivation and or time.

Still one of those subjects which I would have liked to give vent previously is the management of highways here in the south east, which I imagine is controlled by imbeciles who unlike me don’t actually have to use them.

Some examples of disruptions in recent months include the tunnel closed between Herne Bay and Whitstable on the Thanet Way, this is closed every three months so that light bulbs and the like, can be maintained, and since bureaucrats don’t get up too early, its no problem that its not reopened till well after five, the M2 closed at Rainham turn off for litter picking at 5:40am.

Still the worst delays are those caused by “police incidents”, these seem to occur on alternate days, a couple of weeks back there was a lorry fire on the A2 which resulted in not just the coast bound carriage way out of London closed but the London bound for good measure, during the additional hours it took to get home by turning back through the Blackwell tunnel and crawling along the A13 to Dartford crossing I heard on the radio that the London bound side might just open later in the evening.

The following day I was relieved and surprised to see no evidence of this incident at the Danson interchange, I had half expected a blooming great big crater, absolutely no evidence of the catastrophe which the previous evening had caused misery for hundreds of thousands of commuters across south east London, Kent and Essex.

Last weekend, on the journey home, I noted that the London bound Thanet way was closed, for what I’m not sure although I did see some activity around a puddle? and of course coming up to yesterdays road closures, what the hell was that all about, I’d like to thank Kent Highways for gritting the roads but despite well advertised snow fall, it didn’t appear that any attempt had been made to grit the M2.

As a result of Kent Highways failure to keep the roads open I along with my co workers lost a days pay, no doubt the person responsible for the keeping the roads open sits in a nice office, on a nice fat salary with no effect on his or her salary (probably due one of those performance bonuses).

Still my hours stuck in a preventable jam, resulted in me returning home early, I thought I’d take the chance to see BBC south east’s report which might ask some of the questions us residents would ask, well its rare that BBC’s south east regional news outpost, hits the spot and last night’s performance was no different, as is often the case outside broadcasts are a feature of the show and one intrepid reporter was in “Tunbridge Wells” which since they (BBC SE) have their studios there means filming a reporter from the doorway probably between fag breaks.

Anyway just flying off at a tangent, as I say its rare that I see BBC southeast output and last mentioned it probably back in October, having raised with various bods like David Holdswoth BBC’s Controller of English Regions, also I spoke with Quentin Smith Television Editor BBC South East whom I recall suggested I should take a fresh look well I did yesterday and one word comes to mind “simpering” why I don’t know.


  1. I spend most of my driving in Europe and it always amazes me as to any serious accident in this country closes the road for hours whilst an investigation takes place! In Europe they use a laser to determine cause and blame and the road is reopened far far quicker than the UK!

  2. I think a lot of traditional media, including local BBC, are becoming obsolete and irrelevent. People are increasingly getting their news and opinion from blogs like yours. Video of Kent communities in the snow can be found on YouTube EG this one;

  3. Just stick to swinging a big hammer Tony. If the professionals have difficulties sorting it out then heaven help us if blockheads like you were in charge.

  4. Its not the first time the roads have been in chaos after bad weather. Last year there was the Thanet way crashes (fatal) after a freeze. KCC have got complacent after a few mild winters and funds have been diverted to building new highways depots and headquarters and thrown loads of money at computerising highways systems. And KCC are still contemplating spending/wasting money on Kent TV and Kent Health Watch. (£600 per call recieved!) A few more gritting lorries would have been money well spent. Tony would you rather have the Turner or extra money spent on the roads?