Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas to almost every one!

In common with most years, my distribution of Christmas cards will be fairly exclusive, anyhow I’d like to thank all those who’ve taken the trouble look in from time to time on these pages, my only regret this year is not having the time to contribute in recent months.

Hopefully I will remember to get a card for Mrs Me and with luck, will not make the same mistake as in a previous year when I bought and gave a Birthday card, instead of the more traditional Christmas card, confirming Mrs Me’s belief that I don’t read the words.

Also I’d like to spare a thought for those in my industry (Railway) who will be spending much of the Christmas period out on track, whatever the weather, working long hours, day and night, who like many other essential workers are unlikely to get any public recognition unless some lazy journalists repeats the seasonal “rail chaos story” which has been a favourite page filler in newspapers at Christmas in recent years.

We live in a world of clichés and it would nice if all those working over the break got some public recognition whether its health workers or someone working in a take away, anyway Happy Christmas, me I’ll mainly be working the remote this Christmas after I’ve cooked the gammon and the Turkey.

I’d also like to thank Thanet Council for their Christmas greetings which this year includes the news they will be wanting payment a month earlier (council tax), this will no-doubt help fund the generous pay increase awarded to senior bods at the council (I was told by one cabinet member it was necessary to keep hold of them, I pondered on who else would actually want to employ them?) also better news was that Thanet council will be making no effort to empty my bin during the first week of the New Year ( presumably starting the year as they intend to go on).

Seasons Greetings to all with the exception of senior TDC officers and councillors (who don’t need any good will since I’m sure they can look after themselves.


  1. A very Happy and what looks like a restful Christmas for you, Tony. My best wishes to you, Mrs Me and the moggie.

  2. Bertie Bigot is trying to make friends fast - brown nose job.

  3. A belated and slightly begrudging Merry Christmas from you-know-who!

  4. Cheers and happy new year too Bertie Adem and "you-know-who" well actually I don't.

    I note a bit of hostility to Mr Biggles I shall have to trawl through the blogosphere.

    Being a bit morose after all this
    Christmas cheer I might just get round to posting later in the day

  5. happy New year Tony!"you know who"is probably ECR!